Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not a photographer... yet

You know, or most of you know, that I take family photos on the side. Not a business, but more of a hobby. I am so far from a professional photographer that I won't even say that I'm a "Photographer". I would really like to, but I feel like a fraud. I picked out a name so I can be on the road towards a business, Bumble Photography. I don't have an obsession with bees as you may think. My name means "bee" and I've always liked the cartoon look of them, hence the blog name and now the business/hobby name. Anyway, I was asked to do a shoot for a babies 1st birthday and for the family. I actually grew up with the "dad" and we were always really good friends and pretty close but kinda drifted apart through the years. He has a beautiful family and the sweetest little girl. I was so excited once the "mom" told me that the "baby" liked the beach.

What is better than a June photo shoot at the beach... the weather was perfect and the lighting was just right.

I loved how the photos came out and as soon as the shoot was done I got the itch to try to get this ball rolling... yet again.

So after my sister's wedding, I am going to get a website going (from the Design Girl because she's incredibly awesome at this) and jumping full force into this thing I call "hobby". I pray it works out as planned... :)

-Here are a few of my favorite shots-


Mel said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the photos and they look like art, not just photos! Good luck!!

Becky said...

Oh, Deb, those are FAB! Of course it helps to have an adorable subject, lol.

You know what...you DO have a photographers eye...and that is vital to having a photography business. It's one thing to know how aperatures and shutter speed and all that work, but that stuff can easily be learned from a book or in a class (and isn't even necessary wtih fully automatic cameras of today)...but to have an eye for composition and to know what would look great in a photo that will be on someone's wall or desk for ages...THAT is what makes a great photog, and you've nailed that. LOOOVE the baby toss and footprints ones. GOOD JOB!

The Daily Bee said...

Thank you, Mel! So much.

Becky - She was the sweetest thing. Thank you for your input. When you see the pictures over and over and over, they start to look drab. So a fresh view really gives a boost. Thank ya again!!