Monday, November 23, 2009

6 months and counting...

6 months ago today my sister left California.

She's been back once for a short visit, very short, and we saw her for her wedding in July, but it's still hard not having her around.

Just last weekend, I laid in bed and pouted for a little bit because the house was so quiet. Sometimes I like it, but then there are those moments when I wish they lived closer.

Email excerpt from today:, the 23rd, is exactly 6 months from the day I left California. I can't believe how the time has flown, yet how much has happened along the way... I just thought I'd remind you that half a year ago Paul and I were headed out the door to a new and exciting adventure! So far, it's been the ride of our life!!!!
6 months can sometimes seem like forever...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Diary of a mad... little girl

I've always kept a diary. Since I could piece together words, even though no one else could understand them, I would write down my thoughts and feelings.

For some reason family members always gave me diaries or journals (I figure they're the same thing with two different names). When I turned fifteen, my paternal Grandparents (Gramms & Gramps) gave me a diary with a lock and key. When you're fifteen, you need a diary with a lock and key... and if you have two brothers in the house, you needed a safe place to store it. Of course, no matter where I hid it, it would go missing and show up under my brother's bed when his friends were over. *cringe*.

At some point as a little girl I got this diary... my very first.

I wrote down problems such as...

I was scared of two things, one being '... when I go on the pot. That sumthing will bit [bite] my botom.' Okay, first off, who calls the toilet the pot? lol apparently I did.

In reference to a friends diary, 'she told me she had a wrell [real] nice wan [one] But mine is nice too well I better go.'

'I like my mom and I dont like my friend's sayn [saying] bad words and I like my dad.' What a good girl I was! *proud me moment*

'What a day I had, were goging [going] to yereka [Eureka] and I had to pack all buy my self.' What a difficult life I led.

This entry was the kicker that made me want to post this... even now I am laughing and can hear my little girl voice.

This one entry speaks to what I am even today! Jumping from one thing to the next is what I do best. haha.

'Touday I went to church. there was lots of kids and viseters [visitors] We hade Donits and milk. Then we made hands out of mantanel (I have no clue what that is) then we had kids cawier [choir]. We had to sing the cors [chorus] that was kind of in Barisin [embarrassing] alote in Barisin. My mom sher [sure] gets mad when I Dount [don't] miend [mind] sotimes I wish I could go shoping but my mom won't.'

If this interest no one else, I know my family would find this extremely interesting.haha. Walking down memory lane can sometimes be no fun, the past is the past... but looking back can be a real eye opener...

I'm sure that deep thought concerning the 'pot' will come in handy some day. ;)

Monday, November 16, 2009

" just can't do it" and other work related stuff.

Okay... so I tried to take a nice long break, since I was doing that unintentionally anyways, but I'm having blog withdrawals. :/
I've been blogging for too long to say goodbye now and my other blog for my photography is not up yet and I'm not sure when it will be, so I MUST post something here.

So Goodbye is still pending. :-)


Today is a big milestone for me... well yesterday was, but officially celebrating today. I have been with my company for 5 (long long long) years. 5 years! Me, the fickle person who can't decide on anything, has kept with something for 5 years. 5 days a week I've seen the same people (well same handful of people). Of course my job has changed and my check has gotten bigger, but I feel like I've been doing the same thing.

First off, let me say, I love my job atmosphere. I really do. The people are good to work with and I've been blessed beyond measure with good boss'.

I just wish, every day, that I could go back to being self employed. Once you have a taste of the freedom of 'bossing' yourself around, nothing quite matches up.

I can honestly say that I don't want to be here another 5 years. If God so wills, I pray that I am full fledged, knee dip in photography by this time next year. I can only hope.

So happy 5 year anniversary to me. God's truly been good to me.


Now to my second job/hobby. Photography.

Who would have thought that I'd get so into this? Not me. taking pictures. Especially of people.

I've learned so much over the past couple of weeks and I can't wait to share some of the sessions I've done recently. I'm booked through Christmas! (little girly squeal)

Here's a little sneak peak:

Sigh! This girl is happy.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Goodbye blog...
Who likes goodbyes? Not me. And this one is no different.

There is too much going on and I've neglected my poor blog for far too long. I'm not going to cancel it, but just take a break.

To add to my full plate, I am having a Photo blog/site designed and will be on that blog most of the time that I have free. (I'll post that link when it's up)

So long for now...