Monday, November 16, 2009

" just can't do it" and other work related stuff.

Okay... so I tried to take a nice long break, since I was doing that unintentionally anyways, but I'm having blog withdrawals. :/
I've been blogging for too long to say goodbye now and my other blog for my photography is not up yet and I'm not sure when it will be, so I MUST post something here.

So Goodbye is still pending. :-)


Today is a big milestone for me... well yesterday was, but officially celebrating today. I have been with my company for 5 (long long long) years. 5 years! Me, the fickle person who can't decide on anything, has kept with something for 5 years. 5 days a week I've seen the same people (well same handful of people). Of course my job has changed and my check has gotten bigger, but I feel like I've been doing the same thing.

First off, let me say, I love my job atmosphere. I really do. The people are good to work with and I've been blessed beyond measure with good boss'.

I just wish, every day, that I could go back to being self employed. Once you have a taste of the freedom of 'bossing' yourself around, nothing quite matches up.

I can honestly say that I don't want to be here another 5 years. If God so wills, I pray that I am full fledged, knee dip in photography by this time next year. I can only hope.

So happy 5 year anniversary to me. God's truly been good to me.


Now to my second job/hobby. Photography.

Who would have thought that I'd get so into this? Not me. taking pictures. Especially of people.

I've learned so much over the past couple of weeks and I can't wait to share some of the sessions I've done recently. I'm booked through Christmas! (little girly squeal)

Here's a little sneak peak:

Sigh! This girl is happy.



Jenster said...

I'm glad you couldn't take a very long break!!

Congrats on the 5 year anniversary! I can't wait to tell people I "know" that famous photographer!

The Daily Bee said...

:) Thank you. Made me grin.

Becky said...

Congrats on 5 years!

SOOOO glad you've decided to just take breaks!