Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Take Me Away...

I am so ready for a road trip... get away, just go wherever the road leads you...
Or maybe a cruise... no worries, be pampered and enjoy the Pacific Ocean.

Sounds divine.

But, here I am sitting at my desk, enjoying the sounds of copiers and living life. Normal life.

I am so burnt out with things right now... and blogging has been last on my list these past couple of weeks. I just don't feel like taking the time to write. You'll notice that I have more pictures than writing lately. ha-ha, just me being lazy.

I have been absorbed in reading. More like listening. I've signed up with Audible again and just finished the Fountain Creek books by Tamera Alexander and now onto Courting Trouble by Deeanne Gist. All while reading As Sure As the Dawn by Francine Rivers... I kinda like books.

I can go to these far off places and visit without having to board a boat or get on a plane... it's all at my fingertips. The only problem is, the minute I shut the book... I'm right back where I started.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lovin' These 5

These are the 5 things that get my heart singing this week...

1. LOLA - She is so sweet and that little face is irresistible! I just can't get enough of her. Of course, there are those moments when she is chopping down on your fingers... no blood but really painful. She is a sweetheart and has me wrapped around her little paw.
2. CPK Thai Chicken Salad - Such an easy top 5 for me right now. I went to CPK this past weekend and decided to order something different. Seriously craving this right.this.minuite! Perfect textures, sweet and spicy... Mmm good.
3. Kindle - I want this so bad. So so very bad. 1,000's of books at your fingertips... seriously? It's every bookworms dream.

4. Loving Leah - Hallmark came out with a new movie in Jan but I just found out about it. I am a huge Hallmark fan. I love how everything is generally simple without the junk of today. I love this cultural Love Story. A must have for a Hallmark junkies collection.

5. Godiva White Chocolate Pearls - Need I say more?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Take Me to the Fair

Have you ever come home from a long day of work and felt like doing this?

The newest member of our family does this often. She sprawls out and takes her naps like this. Ah to live the life of a pup!

I gathered all my energy and went to one of my favorite places... The Orange County Fair. I love it. Every year I look forward to the food, people, smells and sights.

This was calling my name.

Calorie filled deliciousness. Fresh Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting. A staple at the OC fair. The minute you walk into "building 10", where all the cool trinkets are, you can smell them in the oven. Mmm Mmm good.

I don't only go to the fair to eat, partially true, I also love the craft building. I love the table scapes. The judges critic each one and type it up for all one million OC residents to see. I cringed at 99% of them and figured they were the work of a sweet elderly lady and really didn't know that the table cloth was stained. (*cringing* again)

But there was one worth mentioning. You wouldn't find this table scape in Martha* Stewart's* home... no siree bob. This was a unique one and, according to me, the Blue Ribbon Winner.

The IRS table.
How clever is that?

You can't go to the fair and bypass the animals. No matter how bad the stench is. I'm so glad I didn't... I found the next character to be on Dr. 90210... he needed some dental work.

Oh the joys of the fair. I am going again because it's so big you can't cover it in one visit. Plus... I didn't get to eat an onion blossom or turkey leg. Maybe I shouldn't go back...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Blog Giveaway

Okay, so I don't know if any of you, my bloggy friends, are interested in a blog makeover... a very fab blog makeover, but I am! That is why I am posting this. I know it's selfish but it is my blog and I would LOVE for it to look better than this... so that's the excuse. :) Join me!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Southern Wedding - Part Two

My sister and I are very close; it's been a big adjustment not having her around all the time. Even talking on the phone is different since it's always the important things that have to be talked about and not just the basic day to day things. The couple of days I had with her were rushed and full of wedding stress. I didn't expect to have my sister back for a couple of days, I really did expect all conversation to be "wedding talk", as it should be. But deep down I wished for my sister back, the one that would listen to all the things that were bothering me and put it all in perspective. The one that would laugh with me and carrying on as only sisters can do. Sometimes changes in life are no fun. This being one of them for me.
Day of the wedding, we had lunch at a little Shrimp Shack with our Pastor and his family. Tons of fried food! So yummy... but you can only take so much! I could hear Weight Watchers calling my name after every bite.
(Fried pickles and a fried shrimp poboy)
After lunch we rushed to the house to get ready. NINE people with one bathroom. Bad news. Lots of arguing about who's going to get in next. Wasn't pretty.
I drove the bridesmaids and my aunt and nephew to the wedding site... we were already about 30 minutes late and I couldn't get into the parking lot and passed the location and drove about 3 miles with all screaming, "Turn here!" "I can't turn!" "Hurry!!!" "Make sure we don't get there before Cath!!"
Oh boy.
As we got ready to walk down the "aisle", things got harry again. By the time I scowled my way down, kicking sand as I went, all I could think of was, why did I wear shoes? and this dress is making me look pregnant...
It was all forgotten, almost, as my sister walked down... then the tears came. This was really it... she was getting married.

My incredible Pastor and his wife.

Dad smiling, mom crying

The wedding party... the bridesmaids didn't get the "sunglasses" memo

My big sis and I

My nephew Cristian... miserable and ready to "Goo hoooome"

Mr. & Mrs.
After being friends as kids, and having a secret crush on each other, 20 years later they found each other on Face*book and here they are...

After the reception, which I don't have any good pictures of since I was running around buying more cups in a hectic tourist town, my Pastor took us to Lamberts, "home of the thrown rolls". What an experience, I loved it!

We got caught in a rain storm. I'd never seen rain like this. It looked like rain from all over the world was being dumped out on this one area. I felt like a kid again and wanted to run and jump in the puddles. My first warm rain experience.

Here is my sister-in-law, soaked through. Lamberts is such a fun restaurant. I remember seeing it on Food* Network* and wishing I could visit. Wish came true and it is just as good as they described. Hot rolls being tossed around and so much food you don't know what to eat first!

I ordered the famous chicken fried steak... and got a whole cow! ha-ha
I barely made a dent in this thing... but it was so very good.
If I could bring the Southern food here, I'd be one happy camper... of course if they included a free visit to the plastic surgeon for some liposuction, that would help too! Who can eat like this every day?

My sister and her new husband are on their honeymoon in Costa Rica! Starting a new life together...

This Southern wedding was a good experience and best of all, family time. I love them and spending time with them is not something I dread, it's something I look forward to!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Southern Wedding - Part one

Coming back from the South has made me appreciate my California. I love my state. I love the west. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the south, but the lifestyle is so different and the weather... don't get me started on the weather. I have California in my blood and I admit I'm spoiled by our weather and our mountains, beaches and deserts. The people may be not as "southern sweet" but I still love it. I'm sure a Southerner would say they the same about their South! :)

Getting to Alabama was an ordeal. I mentioned before that I hate flying... this was the worst! We flew on a red-eye from LA to Houston on Monday night (Tuesday morning) and while in the air we were in the middle of a lightning storm. Me and lightning... no good. I am scared of the one in maybe a year storm we get here. I'd never seen lightning like this... and I had to be in a plane. Oh vey. Thankfully, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought and we landed.

Stepping out of the plane the noise was overwhelming... rain. Serious rain. Again, in California we get rain, lots of rain, but I'd never seen anything like it. All flights were delayed and there was no where to sit after we trudged our way through the most confusing airport. By the time we were allowed on the plain I was hungry, tired and grouchy.

We settled in and were told that we'd be there for about 20 or so minutes since the storm needed to lessen before we could take off. Fine with me since I was already nervous as it was. TWO and a HALF hours later we got in a line of 22 planes to take off. OVER TWO HOURS. I was so ready to get in the air and landed. I didn't care how bad the storm was at this point.
Once we were above the clouds it was beautiful and clear... who knew.

We landed in Gulfport, MS and drove to Orange Beach, AL where we had a beach cottage waiting for us. At this point I had only slept approx 2 hrs on the plane. Tired, hungry and grouchy.
I was so excited to see my sister! After 6 weeks! We quickly changed and went on our way to the rehearsal. We didn't actually have a rehearsal since some people were late and we were all hungry. We headed to a restaurant that overlooked the bay, Colbalt. Good food and beautiful views!

Top - Orange Beach, AL

Bottom - view from the penthouse deck

We went back to our cottage where all our family was staying and put together the last minute things such as favors, hair accessories, dress fittings... by the time I got to bed I'd been up for 32 hrs on 2 hrs of sleep. Okay, so I am twenty-six but I felt like I was sixty!

L to R - Cousin Eileen, Bride to be, Me, sis-n-law Sonia
We woke up early the next morning and went to setup at the penthouse where the reception would be held. I had several arrangements to be made for lunch and last minute details. Also dealing with a stressed Bride among other things about did me in. I prayed and prayed and prayed. You may think that I was overreacting from lack of sleep, but so much was going on I just needed my Jesus and I needed Him now! But all I seemed to get was silence.

I was sitting in Wal-mart waiting for my sister to get her eyebrows done, yes Wal-mart. Another something I'd never seen before. Sitting, waiting, and feeling overwhelmed. I didn't even want to discuss it with the man up stairs. I just fretted until I was panicked... next thing I knew a big burly man stood in front of me and smiled, "Everything is going to be all right, Okay?" he smiled and walked out of the store... not waiting for a word from me. Did that just happen? So He was listening. I felt so much better! :)

In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.
Psalms 18:6

Part 2 to come...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rockets and Luggage

I had a good, great 4th! My favorite part of the whole evening was sitting out with the neighbors letting off fireworks. Some legal some not... the illegal ones are fun... but when a house burns down, the fun stops. Thankfully, me beseeching God as I ran back and forth across the lawn because of my fear of rockets worked. Thanks, God. :)

Here are my neighbors from our front lawn. I love it. For one night we can pretend we are a mayberry community. One night.

I'm supposed to be packing instead of blogging and facebooking... but I hate packing. I do. I especially hate unpacking. It will be a short trip so not too many things to pack, but I'm a girl - nuf' said.

With all the prepping for my trip, I realized that I didn't have a carry on since the whole family was going. I would normally just take one of their suitcases and not my big boat. But, it was either carry a trash bag or buy one.

I didn't want to look like the above... so I went to *Marshalls* and found one with a big tag that said LOW PRICE. It was cute too, so that was a plus.

Same as this but leopard. Very cute. I'll be styling as I trip my way through security tomorrow night.

Did I mention that we are taking a red-eye? And when we get to our destination we have to decorate and run errands? Well, that's the case. I'm young, I can do it! (not really)

A little flying prayer would help this fearofflyinggirl. :)

I won't be posting until I'm back, so have a wonderful week and I'll have tons of photos to post when I return!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Fab Friday / Happy 4th of July!

Today's Fab Friday is all things 4th of July. If you want to join in the fun, go to Well, That's Just Fabulous and leave a comment and grab the fun little header and share what makes your 4th of July fab.
I love everything about the 4th of July. Everything!

We sleep late, swim, bbq, and swim again until it gets dark out. Everyone grabs a chair and makes their way to the front lawn for fireworks.

As a kid we used to have big parties, all the family over and tons of friends. I would sit on the bed of my dads truck and watch the fireworks... lots of fireworks... hours of fireworks.

We make a special 4th of July dessert every year, like this yummy but sloppy looking cake. Ugly but so good!

Every single year we wait until the last minute to buy fireworks. Why? I don't know, it's just something that's been done for the past few years. We don't buy as many fireworks as we used to since the thrill isn't the same as when we were kids, but we do still get up and run around when the flashers are going off. If you don't know what the effect is, look at the below picture. Flashers have a way of stopping time and making you seem like you're in slow motion like an action movie. My sister and I usually are the only ones that will get up and run around in the street like crazy people!

This is what makes me love the 4th and all it's fab traditions. I love America!

Happy 4th of July bloggy world!

Blessings today to you and America!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

MIB - Missing in blogland

I've been MIA or MIB for a few days... Work is beyond busy and once I'm done at work I just wanna crash at home.

I have so much to blog about, but will leave you with this. If you are feeling like a new blog look, go to the Design Girls blog for a chance to win one of her pre-made templates.

I'll be back to actually blog... maybe tomorrow!