Sunday, June 17, 2012

Famous Home - Diane Keaton

I started "pinning" Famous Homes on my Pinterest a while back, definitely favorite pastime when I'm tucked away in bed with my mind going a hundred miles an hour and a couple of times during the day when I find a few moments.

I think homes, architecturally and design wise are beautiful. You may ask "why famous homes?", well I find it interesting to see what 'they' choose to design the interiors, what kind of homes these people choose to live in, some extravagant and some humble. Sort of.

So for my first "Famous Home" entry, a great actress that matches the home she lived in. I think it's rustic and beautiful. There's something about the warmness of the nighttime glow that makes me want to drive by or even sit on the porch of this Spanish style abode.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sugar & Spice Baby Shower

I have a new niece coming in July, that makes two little princess' for our family and to my brother and sister-in-law. I along with my mom did a Sugar & Spice decor for her baby shower two weeks ago. My Sis-in-laws sisters did a yummy spread of salads and sandwiches. We kept it a small affair, just close friends and some family - compared to my first nieces shower this was a small event!

I made most of the decorations, I prefer it that way, and was so happy with it all!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Twenty-Nine in 2012

Another birthday, another day. Come and gone. You may say, 29? Not old. Not even close. I would agree but I can't help but feel like the past ten years have swept by me, leaving me feeling a but claustrophobic, a bit petrified as to where the next year, five years, ten years will take me.

If you told me where I'd be today ten years ago, I'd have argued with you, told you that wasn't the plan. But alas, this is reality. I'm here not where I had planned but I'm here.

All in all, I welcome the turning of another year. Means I have breath in my lungs, life in me and there is still always a plan. Maybe not my own, but a plan nevertheless.

Thank God for another year.

It's About Time...

Imagine my excitement when I see a blogger APP in the Apple APP Store! I couldn't figure out why they didn't have one out sooner, have no idea how long it's been out, but I for one am ecstatic! I've missed The Daily Bee.

As many times as I've said "I'll be posting more", I most definitely will now.

Thank you Blogger for getting with the times.