What I Write About...

I don't think I'm the most interesting person, far from it, but I share my life with some of the most interesting people.

I love beautiful homes. Whether they are famous homes or just the ordinary beauty of a home. You'll find that I'll write about any and all homes. Inside and Out.

I dreamed of becoming an interior designer. Now I just like to look and find beautiful things, in stores or online. In peoples homes or on network places such as Pinterest. I am a huge fan of any design shows or blogs. Love them.

If there's one thing that I love about photography, it's taking pictures of food. I think it's beautiful. Even food that I don't 'like'. I envy people that are food designers. Here I'll post recipes, I love to cook and bake, have been since I could reach the stove and counters. My mom is an amazing cook (My Dad too) and my siblings really know their way around the kitchen. Food is not only for eating, it's for looking at.

I'm no fashionista. But I love clothes. Love looking at the new runways for the upcoming seasons, love seeing what is next in the fashion world. Love trying new things out...