About Daily Bee

I'm Deb. The Daily Bee. I've been blogging since November 2006. I am a very private person, yet  I tend to share a lot and regret it later. ;)

Meeting incredible people is the BEST part of this whole "blog" thing and of course sharing my life, opinion and things that I like with you and letting you in on the great events and not so great events that take place in my part of the universe.

I love to photograph anything and everything. I used to be a professional photographer, once a photographer, always a photographer, but I don't do it as a business anymore. 

I have just stepped knee deep into my thirties and not quite comfortable with that yet! I have an amazing family, my nieces and nephews appear way too much on The Daily Bee, but they are cute, smart and funny - so I'm sure anyone reading enjoys them as much as I do.

My goal is that my life would revolve around God. He's the reason for all and the center of my life.

Anything else you want to know? Well then keep reading and maybe one day your question will be answered in a post. :)