Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MIA Blogger

Missing in Action for sure.

It's been a hectic last few months and so many times I wanted to jump in to blog land and share what's been happening but I have no time... time to upload photos, time to sit and chat about "me" and my life, time to really read anyone's blogs, time to just chill.

I feel like I've been running around not knowing which way I'm going... just the times we live in. There's that TIME word again.

My life has been revolving around church, family, work and photography. So I'll update you on a a couple of things...

I went to Mississippi with my mom to see my sister and brother-in-law in April. We were treated like tourist which was not bad considering the historical town they live in - Vicksburg. I will post some pictures soon, but it was a fun few days and the best part was spending time with my sister and seeing her beautiful home and the life she's living 2000 miles away!

My brother and sister-in-law are pregnant, as I mentioned before. I've been adamant that the baby was a girl and everyone else was so determined it was a boy. My mom even went as far as buying baby boy clothes. But... alas, yet again, I was right. A little niece will be coming into the family in August and I can't stop thinking about what to buy her. lol

One of my favorite subjects. I've completely taken off on this business and could not be more excited. New website coming soon and a lot of changes. I've been building up my equipment slowly since it's not something you can afford to splurge on... at least not me.

Since I'll be having a photography website up and updating that more, I won't be keeping this blog. I'll take it off but won't delete it in case I decide to blog on here again. But this will probably be my last post on here with the exception of posting some pictures from my Vicksburg, MS trip.

So if you do read my blog and want to read my next blog, email me (by viewing my profile) and let me know and I'll be sure to update you.

So long for now... :)