Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Sounds

Just a few hours until we dig into the turkey! Okay, maybe not a few hours, but we eat pretty early around here. Turkey goes in around 3Am and we start picking at it at 11AM. Pretty early considering most people aren't even ready to go by then.

As I type I am listening to my aunt sing Circle in the Sand. She's been dancing and singing all.night.long. My mom and sister came over to spend some time with my Gramms and to help her out with the food and putting the massive turkey in the oven at 3AM. We walked in the door, drenched from abnormal SoCal rain, and heard music blaring. My aunt has a professional like karaoke machine that she brings to family gatherings and lets all the "kids" belt out tunes in tune and some not so in tune. Whooweee!
Top on my list this year and every years to be Thankful for is one sure thing - God's been so faithful to me. Even when I get panicked and forget that He is, indeed, there, He still loves me once I come to my senses. *Sigh* He's incredibly awesome.

Be thankful in everything! Bad times, the best of times, when things are just right and life is smooth sailing, when everything crashes around you - Be Thankful!

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. Eat lots of turkey, spend time with your family and enjoy this day.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Pictures and Strange Mail

I was going through my 2 story high pile of mail, really maybe 1 story, and found this piece of mail that could not possibly have been sent to me! I checked the back and I was wrong, It had my name on it... why would someone send this to me? Ha!

Maybe I'll call for a free gift...


A couple of weeks back my sister and I made dinner for everyone. I made my chicken pasta and she made a salad with her incredible homemade dressing. She treated us all to yummy tuxedo brownies with strawberries....

In case your mouth is watering... you can get the recipe here - Ghirardelli Brownie Recipe.


A couple of weeks back I went to the park with my nephew... He is so much fun and a happy distraction for me. I can watch him for hours and love to hear him try to form words. He is actually on his way over here to spend some time with his aunties!

Anyway, after he'd exhausted us on the swings, basketball court, slides, and everything else on the playground, he settled down with his water cup, a rare moment for this rambunctious boy.


This past week at our community group meeting we had the kids make thank you cards for God. This one girl, we'll call her Sally, always tugs at my heart. Her sister and brother have had it hard this year. They've been homeless and now live in a family members garage. Yet, through it all she smiles. She loves Jesus with all her heart and her favorite thing to do is to sing. A recent song that she picked up goes like this, "Faith, faith, faith just a little bit of faith. Faith, faith, faith, just a little bit of faith, you don't need a whole lot just use what you got..." What a testimony she is to me.

She made this incredible card and I just had to share it with you.

"Dear Jesus, I thank you so much for everything."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You Are Not Alone

Searching and looking for answers, comfort and peace has been my main goal these past few days. God's peace will overflow on me at certain times throughout the day. He takes away all the fear and anxiety and helps me to remember that everything is okay.

Last night my dad taught about courage. Do you need courage? I sure do. The enemy of courage is fear. Did you know that we can suffer real and imagined fear? I think I have the biggest imagination on the face of this earth, you might be thinking the same thing about yourself. Fear torments and cripples you.

A lot of times we have fear of the unknown. I am fearful of the unknown. It's hard to remember that the unknown to us is not unknown to God. If you've placed your life in His hands it shouldn't matter.

At this time in this trial, I feel so alone at times. I want to lean on someone that I can see and feel, physically. I have to continually remind myself that I am not alone, God is there. When it comes down to it, in this life, it's really just me and Him. No one else can save me, He is the only one.

I am encouraged and get strength by those in my life, my Pastor's wife is a gem and she's helped me to make some sense of things. My sisters and mother have been those that I lean on when I can. Don't be afraid to let someone else help bear your burden! Talking about it will not make it worse, it will make it better! My Pastor's wife reminded me that there is strength in numbers!

My sister sent me this incredible passage that has now come to life to me. This incredible, loving, God I serve is so wonderful.

Psalm 103
He is kind
He forgives our sins
He heals us
He protects us
He provides for us strength for each day
He brings justice
He shows us how great He is
He is merciful
His love never fails
He is not always angry
He doesn't punish us as we deserve
His love is greater than the distance between heaven and earth
He removes our sins far from us, as far as the East to the West
He is kind as a parent
He knows how fragile we are
He keeps his promises
He rules over His creation

Be strong and of a good courage! Remember, you are not alone!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He's Given me a Sound Mind

I don't usually get too personal on here, feelings and such, but sometimes I need an outlet that doesn't communicate back to me. Understand?

Have you ever felt like there are a thousand fearful thoughts in your head asking for your attention at the same time. Seems at times that I am going crazy and I want to thrown in the towel, but I keep telling myself, God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind. His Word doesn't lie. It's all in how we choose to accept it.

Right now, my worlds rocking, but I am praying that He'll get me through this in one piece. After all, He shields me with His wings (Psalm 57:1) and He won't lead me astray.

In Psalm 55 David cries to God and wishes for wings like a dove so he can fly away and be at rest... Yet, he says that if he flew away he'd wander off and remain in the wilderness. This is marked with Selah, in other words, think about it. I want to be tucked safely under HIS wings and not wander off and remain in a wilderness!

As you can tell, I am in no mood to blog right now. I need to clear my mind and even if I wanted to, I am absorbed in this right now.

I will be back to share the good side if life soon. Everyone else, Keep the Faith! He's never failed anyone, EVER! (secretly talking to myself!) =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still here and not burned!

I am here, but things are a little crazy in my world right now.

I will post some pictures pretty soon here... maybe today if I have a chance.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?? Time is flying by!

Smoke Pictures

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Southern California is Burning

I wanted to write a quick post for all my blog buddies. This fire is bad. Very, very bad. An hour after the Corona fire started, our skies turned brown and the smoke was overtaking our city on it's way to the ocean.

The winds have been blowing ash and smoke all over. Our home smells like fire and eyes are burning, heads are pounding. This fire has gone from bad to worse.

I am about 10 miles from the fire now and it's creeping closer. The sun is a burning orange color, I took some photos but don't have the connection to upload here.

Pray for the SoCal residents that are in the middle of these fires and those in Los Angeles and all the firefighters.

This brings to mind the scriptures in Acts 2 where we're warned about the coming of the Lord. The sun will be dark, the moon will turn to blood, and vapours of smoke on the earth. Whether or not this has anything to do with those days, He's coming soon!

We need these winds to stop!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back Breaking

As I said in a previous post, I messed up my back sometime in the last couple of weeks and it's gotten progressively worse.

Going to the Chiropractor is no fun. I don't like people massaging me. It hurts. A deep tissue massage KILLS.

I felt pretty good as I laid down on the board/bed... whatever it is, and relaxed my body while my skirt was yanked down, slightly, and the little vibrating "thing" was placed on my lower back. I'm left alone for a few minutes and use this time to plead and beg God to not let it hurt.

The Doctor comes back in and begins to massage and shoot the breeze, chatting about his techniques and how I ripped my muscles around my spine... everything is going good and I feel like God really is going to numb me from the pain. Before I know it he's massaging my bum/hip and talking about an increase in taxes for California. My thoughts are, Hey, you're too close to my bum to talk about paying taxes.

Everything feels good minus the couple of sore spots that he feels need extra attention. I am focused on his shoes as my face is scrunched in the head rest. He decides to crack my back and hits down so hard that the bottom of my spine feels like it came out of my skin. I wanted to stand up and smack him in the face, "Hello, I have an injury, Buster!"

"What happened?" He asked after I screamed. I managed to yelp, "It hurts here", as I pat my back. He then wiggles my back to find out where the pain came from, no pain. Then he wants to crack again. I was too chicken to tell him not to, so I just smacked him in my head. He cracks it and everything is fine.

After he massaged my back and legs with a massive massager that makes you jiggle all over, he left so that I could gather myself.

I scoot off the bed/board and yelp, again. It's bad. Very bad. I whimper my way over to my purse and bend a few inches... I'm stuck. Here I am standing with my arms hanging down and my butt in the air.

He comes in looking concerned while I think, You better look concerned buddy, you broke my back!, "What is hurting?" he ask.

After a few back exercises I limp out to the lobby and thank God that my sweet mom came with me.

I pay, and wobble out to the car. My mom ask, "How are you feeling?". I whimper in response, "Ooooowweeee".

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Weekend Rundown and Blog Headers

I've officially started my Christmas shopping! I went shopping on Friday night with my sisters and there was something for the Mom that I couldn't resist buying. I now have a plan to buy a couple of things each week prior to Christmas in order to afford the mass amount of gifts that will be purchased with my teeny tiny paycheck. Oh my.

I kinked my back a couple of weeks ago and things just got progressively worse from sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. I got into the chiropractor on Saturday and prayed and asked everyone else to pray, dramatic, that it wouldn't be too bad. I must say, I dislike the chiropractor more than the dentist! My body is so sensitive and bruises easily, so I am guaranteed to leave with finger and elbow bruises. Sure enough, my back and bum were bruised and hurt-ing. This called for 1/2 a painkiller that I do not like taking. I end up talking so fast about nothing and wear myself out. I was drained by the time Saturday night showed up.

Sunday morning I woke up and bundled myself in front of the TV only to be startled by huge military planes flying over, very low. That always makes me a little jumpy. I spent some time at the park with my nephew on a perfect Fall day and watched as more planes flew over. Interesting...

On Sunday night, we had an unbelievable, make you feel goooood, service. I love it when God speaks directly to your situation and provides answers! If I could put words to the feeling, I would love to share, but I can't. It's just something that everyone should feel in their lifetime.

I woke up this morning with sore stomach muscles from all those sit ups I did yesterday. Okay, who am I kidding, sit ups? Me? No. A Friend of my sister and I took us out to eat after church. We chatted and laughed so much that I must have sucked in too much air! Just like a baby. Ha ha. I had hiccups for a good 20-30 minutes. Who knew hiccups could be so painful! Hence the sore stomach muscles.

My cousin asked me to change up her blog layout and make it more her style. This is the outcome...
You can see the rest of her blog here - Say What?!
It's time for Christmas, according to me! I love changing my blog for the Christmas season. This year I wanted a classic, not cute, Christmas layout. Let me know what you think!

Book Giveaway.... not from me!

If you are a Siri Mitchell fan, read on!

Michelle at Edgy Inspirational Blog posted her review and is giving away a copy of Siri Mitchell's new historical, A Constant Heart. Leave a comment to win a free copy!

I am sure she will actually send out the book she's giving away... something that I still haven't done! *cringe*

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Two years of Blogging!

I cannot believe that it's been two years since I stumbled upon the blogging world! Blogging is one of my favorite things to do. I love reading everyone's blogs and sharing about things in my life.

Thank you to all my bloggy friends who come by and read my thoughts.

I've gathered my top 6 post over the past two years; I know 6 is an odd number but I couldn't narrow it down. Re-reading each post below made me laugh and cry all over again!

My Favorite Things (2007)

Where's the Casket?
The Robot Kid
Deb v The Mud

Who knows what the next year in blog world will hold! One thing for sure, there will be a lot of laughs if it has to do with me!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

American History

America is the greatest country! She's is strong, courageous, and full of faith!

Last night was a horrible loss for John McCain. A good man and American hero. I will be the first to say that I did not agree with everything he stood for but I did agree with him more than I did with Barrak Obama. It was a known fact, at least to me, that the man I was voting for was not going to become the President-Elect, but, I knew that I needed to stand for what I believed in.

Last night we saw History, some of the most unbelievable American history. Whoever says that the color of ones skin changes the way they vote or treat someone is NOT American. I love the fact that we have an African-American President-Elect! I just don't agree with his politics and I fear what the next four years hold for our families, our troops and the rest of the world.

As an American you can't help but feel the excitement of the moment... but it wasn't long lived. Above all, God is in control and ultimately His will is done. He has a purpose. As a Christian, we are to pray for the authority over us, this is pleasing to God.

I respect our new President and pray that he proves me wrong.

NOW can we (I mean I, since I seem to be the only one that talks about such in my world) move pass the political talk and start blogging about life? Personal life, not life as an American. I wonder how long this will last... Ha Ha.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Monday, November 03, 2008

FAMILY FIRST - McCain & Palin

I support John McCain!
If you want to see America fall apart, vote Obama. If you want to see a future for your family, vote McCain!