Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where's the Casket?

I went to a funeral on Wednesday for an elderly man that went to my church. I did not know him well, just said hello and asked about his well being from time to time. I went in support of his wife who I've known for years. I sat in the very back and when the time came for the service to end, the funeral coordinator gave instructions. I was in my own little world thinking about how this funeral brought back the painful memories of my Grandma's funeral a few months back and I didn't hear a word.

Next thing I know, the usher was standing in front of me motioning for me to move while the entire chapel, 100 + people, watched me. So I moved to the back and watched as my row moved down the aisle to the front... okay, so I was supposed to go down to the front. I couldn't figure out why, since there was no Casket in sight to pay last respects.
I finally moved down the aisle, up the stairs on the platform, past my pastor and out the door. Where was the casket?

My sister and I got in the car to leave after the grave site service (where the casket finally showed) and she said,
"He doesn't look the same as he did, very very different."
I said "who?"
"Bro. Zitterman." (man who passed away)
"How did you see him?!?"
"He was right there in the casket in the chapel."
"No he was not, there was no casket."
"Yes there was, he was right there. You could see him from the back of the chapel."
"I did not see a casket."
"If you had walked down the aisle to pay your last respects you would have seen him." (she thought I stayed in the back)
"I did walk down and I walked right by our pastor."
"He was right under Pastor's elbow." At this point my sister was laughing hysterically.
"You went to a funeral and didn't see the casket!"

Yes, I did this. If you want to see me make a fool of myself, take me to a wedding or a funeral. I usually mess something up, put my foot in my mouth, or appear insensitive. That day was the insensitive part.
I did want to share some pictures with you. I've never been to a cemetery during the Christmas season. This is what we saw. (pictures are not great since they are from my phone)

My sister said that it looked like "a poinsettia field.


Becky said...

That was funny! I mean, as funny as something could be at a funeral, for heaven's sake.

You're a crackup, Deb!

Jenster said...

Oh my gosh!! That has got to be one of the funniest things I've read. That's sitcom material, Deb!!!