Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Rundown

SUNDAY, December 23rd
On Sunday I will be celebrating my grandfathers 79th birthday and going to church in the evening. We will have our Christmas service and the kids will be singing. I really look forward to this service each year. The kids have been practicing - All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth, Jesus Christ is Coming to Town (aka Santa Claus is coming), Happy Birthday Jesus, Feliz Navidad.

Monday, December 24th
On Christmas Eve, I have the day off of work, woohoo! This day we celebrate with my mothers side of the family. We get together for a huge dinner which includes turkey and ham as the main courses. I tried to talk my mom into changing the menu to steaks and crab, but it didn't work. We will be eating turkey.

Christmas Day, December 25th
On Christmas morning we wake up super early, sit around the tree and fire, drinking coffee, arguing, and laughing until everyone is up and ready to open gifts. It takes our slow slow family about 3 hours to open gifts. For this reason alone, we always make a mad dash to get in the showers and over to my grandparents house. My grandma makes everything you could possibly think of. She has a dessert table, an appetizer table and then a spread for the main course and sides. Our family is so huge that we eat in different rooms of the house that are opened up to each other by indoor "windows". After we have eaten, opened more presents and had some sort of adventure such as someone getting locked in a car trunk, someone catching on fire, or someone falling in the pool, we head home.

Usually on Christmas night we come home to an empty fridge and starve since nothing is open on Christmas day. This year, my dad ordered dozens of homemade tamales from my Brother's sister-in-law. There family celebrate in the traditional Hispanic way and tamales are always apart of their Christmas. So this year, she will be making some extra for us! yum!

This is how I spend my Christmas, I can't wait! I am also looking forward to a few additional days off of work.


Becky said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy, but having a lot of fun!

We have a family in our church that makes awesome tamales, and we always order some for after Christmas.

We're going to have the big dinner at my house this year, so we've been scrambling to get the chairs and such for everyone together. All is in readiness except I need a few more groceries. Merry Christmas, Deb!

Barb said...

Wonder if my kids would prefer to be at your place?! Hmmm.....

The Daily "B" said...

Busy, but in a good way. I think you'll be busier than I, Becky.

Send em' on over, Barb! =)