Tuesday, January 30, 2007

MY Favorite Things

I saw this "My Favorite Things" on my sister's blog and decided to join her! She wrote down her favorite things and will see at the end of the year, which have changed. So here goes my contribution...

My Favorite Book: Where The Wild Rose Blooms by Lori Wick

My Favorite DVD: Pride and Prejudice (BBC series)

My Favorite CD: Vince Gill - These Days #2

My Favorite "Toy": Computer

My Favorite Color: Blue

My Favorite Skirt: New Long Jean Skirt with flare in front and back

My Favorite Shoes: Black patent leather heels

My Favorite Lunch: Chinese Chicken Salad

My Favorite Website to browse: aol news

My Favorite Song: No Easy Way by Vince Gill

My Favorite Church Song: Open the Eyes of my Heart

My Favorite Kid at Church: Isabella Diaz

My Favorite Kidz Class: The 8-9 Year Old Class

My Favorite Student: Daniel Valdez

My Favorite Teacher: Catherine

My Favorite Comfort Quirk: Having my head scratched

My Favorite P.J.'s: New Snow White ones

My Favorite Blanket: Leopard Blanket

My Favorite Channel: HGTV

My Favorite Cable Show (non-food): What Not To Wear

My Favorite Food Network Show: Iron Chef

My Favorite TV Sitcom: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Gilmore Girls

My Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant

My Favorite Current Singer: Vince Gill

My Favorite American Idol Contestant: Elliott Yamin

My Favorite Candy Bar: Reeses

My Favorite Restaurant: Demicillies (spelling?)

My Favorite Food: Chicken Tenders @ Mimis

My Favorite Drink: Vernors

My Favorite Starbucks Drink: Hot Chocolate

My Favorite Eye Candy: Colin Firth and hmmmmm.......??? =)

My Favorite Clothing: White Blazer, Black Turtleneck

My Favorite Screen Legend (Male): Peter O'Toole

My Favorite Screen Legend (Female): Doris Day

My Favorite Current Actor: Matthew Perry

My Favorite Current Actress: Kimberley Williams Paisley

My Favorite Time of Day: Late Afternoon

My Favorite Show to Watch at Bedtime: Friends

My Favorite Daydream: Moving to a New House

My Favorite Romantic Daydream: Getting Married hahaha sure bob...

My Favorite Online Service: Paying my bills, BofA

My Favorite Fun Website: Deeanne Gist, ABN,

My Favorite Blog: My Own and Shirley Buxtons

Friday, January 12, 2007

Waterproof Boots

I was gathering supplies for a children's lesson at my church and happened upon the pastor's 6-year-old Cowboy, dressed like he was ready to go on a cattle drive. He was helping out by filling up a baptismal tank with a hose. I walked over to him and sunk into a huge puddle in the carpet! I asked him, "What happened here?! Is there a leak?" He looked at me and smiled, "No, I was just checking to see if my boots were water proof."

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

American Culture

I was mosing around the Readers Digest Website and stumbled upon the C. F. Payne Gallery. I love to just look over his pictures that are on the back of the Readers Digest every month. They show what the country is into at that moment. Some are so true that it is hilarious! To think we find other antics of different cultures odd. We are an odd sort. America is the mix of all the odd parts of every culture worldwide.

The one to the left is called - " Dollar by Dollar" - America has had it's share of tragedy caused by natural disasters. Americans gets on board by doing just as this picture shows.

The bottom top left is called - "Choices" - It was shown on the January issue of 2004. I find it very interesting that the cake in the window is causing this dedicated jogger to turn his head. This is American life, so much right at our fingertips.

The bottom top right is called - "Easy Rider" - Now this one is all too true for the lazy American! Just this month, my own father mentioned that it would be a good idea to get one of these for himself! If the security guard at the mall rides one, everyone should right! hahaha

Bottem right - "First Snow" - Now this is most of America, but not good ol' Southern California. Where the grass is green and there is no need for snow shovels.

Bottem left - "Prime Time" - How true is this. No reason for America to leave their couch, just flip the channel, watch a cartoon, reality show, arctic bears walking around, or, July's fireworks.

LOL! America, you truly are a mixed bunch! Everyday life here should be written as a comedy for the world screen.

the bee

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Resolutions

I had such a good turnout from last years resolutions, I am going to make one this year knowing that I can keep most if I put some work into it... Here it goes.
  1. Lose 40 pnds

  2. Read the Books of the Bible that I have not finished

  3. Conquer a battle with my will

  4. God-willing do something to better my financial situation

  5. Take voice lessons

  6. Write in this blog for the full year, at least once a week

Now there are six things that are attainable with a little bit of work, some alot of work. What a great year it will be! A new opened door...