Wednesday, January 10, 2007

American Culture

I was mosing around the Readers Digest Website and stumbled upon the C. F. Payne Gallery. I love to just look over his pictures that are on the back of the Readers Digest every month. They show what the country is into at that moment. Some are so true that it is hilarious! To think we find other antics of different cultures odd. We are an odd sort. America is the mix of all the odd parts of every culture worldwide.

The one to the left is called - " Dollar by Dollar" - America has had it's share of tragedy caused by natural disasters. Americans gets on board by doing just as this picture shows.

The bottom top left is called - "Choices" - It was shown on the January issue of 2004. I find it very interesting that the cake in the window is causing this dedicated jogger to turn his head. This is American life, so much right at our fingertips.

The bottom top right is called - "Easy Rider" - Now this one is all too true for the lazy American! Just this month, my own father mentioned that it would be a good idea to get one of these for himself! If the security guard at the mall rides one, everyone should right! hahaha

Bottem right - "First Snow" - Now this is most of America, but not good ol' Southern California. Where the grass is green and there is no need for snow shovels.

Bottem left - "Prime Time" - How true is this. No reason for America to leave their couch, just flip the channel, watch a cartoon, reality show, arctic bears walking around, or, July's fireworks.

LOL! America, you truly are a mixed bunch! Everyday life here should be written as a comedy for the world screen.

the bee


Anonymous said...

Can't you post the original -ts funnier tahn most of Redaders Digest - apart from the one about killer attack dogs - which was just nasty!

the daily bee said...

"killer attack dogs"? And post what original?