Monday, December 31, 2007

The End is Near...

We have a couple days left before we close out 2007... It has been an unbelievably crazy year. I can't write much, but I wanted to post a recent picture that my siblings and I took. We haven't taken a picture together in years, so I decided to get everyone together and get some pictures taken for my parents before any grandkids came along. We had so much fun; it's not too often that we spend time together for no reason. Everyone has their own lives and being pulled in every direction, so it was very nice to just spend free time with all my siblings.

I hassled my brothers to meet us at a place to get these pictures taken. They were not too happy, especially my younger brother, David. Once we got there he changed his mind. He was the one wanting pictures here and there with his girlfriend. Peter and Sonia took this as an opportunity to take pictures as well... To bad Peter looked like the sun was in his face or he was surprised.

My brother had to open his eyes wide to not squint... didn't look any better.

Every time we tried to take a serious picture, my brother would pinch us - we just gave up.

David and Steph

This is the shot we picked to be blown up to 16 x 22. I ended with no nose by the time it was blown up.


...Catherella's Castle... said...

such a fun night. and of course totally worth the effort to see mom cry once again on christmas morning... ha ha ha... we gotta quit doin' that... ha ha ha....

love ya,
the gray haired (older and wiser) sibling

Becky said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL picture of you all! I'll bet your folks were tickled. How far apart in age were all of all look like you were born stair-step, one after the other. Am I right?

Happy New Year, Deb!

Barb said...

You guys look like a poster for a cool singing group!

...Catherella's Castle... said...

Hey Deb,
I think "Becky" is my new best friend... ha ha ha.... Being 6,8 & 10 years older than the rest of you, I am sooooo flattered!!!!

Happy New Year, Becky!!!! (o:


The Daily "B" said...

A little bit off Becky, lol! My sister is 8 years older than me and 10 years older than my younger brother. She looks very good for forty-one. haha! More like 32.

Mrs. Bingley said...

That was such a fun night! We should do it again!

Thanks Deb for getting all of us together!