Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back Breaking

As I said in a previous post, I messed up my back sometime in the last couple of weeks and it's gotten progressively worse.

Going to the Chiropractor is no fun. I don't like people massaging me. It hurts. A deep tissue massage KILLS.

I felt pretty good as I laid down on the board/bed... whatever it is, and relaxed my body while my skirt was yanked down, slightly, and the little vibrating "thing" was placed on my lower back. I'm left alone for a few minutes and use this time to plead and beg God to not let it hurt.

The Doctor comes back in and begins to massage and shoot the breeze, chatting about his techniques and how I ripped my muscles around my spine... everything is going good and I feel like God really is going to numb me from the pain. Before I know it he's massaging my bum/hip and talking about an increase in taxes for California. My thoughts are, Hey, you're too close to my bum to talk about paying taxes.

Everything feels good minus the couple of sore spots that he feels need extra attention. I am focused on his shoes as my face is scrunched in the head rest. He decides to crack my back and hits down so hard that the bottom of my spine feels like it came out of my skin. I wanted to stand up and smack him in the face, "Hello, I have an injury, Buster!"

"What happened?" He asked after I screamed. I managed to yelp, "It hurts here", as I pat my back. He then wiggles my back to find out where the pain came from, no pain. Then he wants to crack again. I was too chicken to tell him not to, so I just smacked him in my head. He cracks it and everything is fine.

After he massaged my back and legs with a massive massager that makes you jiggle all over, he left so that I could gather myself.

I scoot off the bed/board and yelp, again. It's bad. Very bad. I whimper my way over to my purse and bend a few inches... I'm stuck. Here I am standing with my arms hanging down and my butt in the air.

He comes in looking concerned while I think, You better look concerned buddy, you broke my back!, "What is hurting?" he ask.

After a few back exercises I limp out to the lobby and thank God that my sweet mom came with me.

I pay, and wobble out to the car. My mom ask, "How are you feeling?". I whimper in response, "Ooooowweeee".

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Becky said...

That sounds like me after our move. Messed something up good. The only thing that helped me was to lay on a heating pad to relax all the muscles, and then fall asleep.

Those memory foam pads for beds (sold at Costco for pretty reasonable price) are AWESOME, too.

Hope you're feeling better soon.