Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He's Given me a Sound Mind

I don't usually get too personal on here, feelings and such, but sometimes I need an outlet that doesn't communicate back to me. Understand?

Have you ever felt like there are a thousand fearful thoughts in your head asking for your attention at the same time. Seems at times that I am going crazy and I want to thrown in the towel, but I keep telling myself, God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love and a sound mind. His Word doesn't lie. It's all in how we choose to accept it.

Right now, my worlds rocking, but I am praying that He'll get me through this in one piece. After all, He shields me with His wings (Psalm 57:1) and He won't lead me astray.

In Psalm 55 David cries to God and wishes for wings like a dove so he can fly away and be at rest... Yet, he says that if he flew away he'd wander off and remain in the wilderness. This is marked with Selah, in other words, think about it. I want to be tucked safely under HIS wings and not wander off and remain in a wilderness!

As you can tell, I am in no mood to blog right now. I need to clear my mind and even if I wanted to, I am absorbed in this right now.

I will be back to share the good side if life soon. Everyone else, Keep the Faith! He's never failed anyone, EVER! (secretly talking to myself!) =)


Queen Catherella said...

The battle of our mind is the greatest we will fight, but when you win, it will also be the GREATEST victory!

Keep the faith Deb, ALL things work together for GOOD to them that are THE CALLED!!!

Shauna said...

Oh Deb, times like that are difficult and we need to lean on what we KNOW instead of what we feel. It sounds like you are doing just that, leaning and living in the shelter of God's love. I'm here and I'm praying for you!


The Daily Bee said...

Cathy - As you already know, thanks for being my listening ear.

Shauns - Thank you, you don't know what your comment does for me. I need to remember to lean on what I know and not let the clouds of my mind and my mixed up emotions drive me. Thanks for the prayers!