Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Sounds

Just a few hours until we dig into the turkey! Okay, maybe not a few hours, but we eat pretty early around here. Turkey goes in around 3Am and we start picking at it at 11AM. Pretty early considering most people aren't even ready to go by then.

As I type I am listening to my aunt sing Circle in the Sand. She's been dancing and singing all.night.long. My mom and sister came over to spend some time with my Gramms and to help her out with the food and putting the massive turkey in the oven at 3AM. We walked in the door, drenched from abnormal SoCal rain, and heard music blaring. My aunt has a professional like karaoke machine that she brings to family gatherings and lets all the "kids" belt out tunes in tune and some not so in tune. Whooweee!
Top on my list this year and every years to be Thankful for is one sure thing - God's been so faithful to me. Even when I get panicked and forget that He is, indeed, there, He still loves me once I come to my senses. *Sigh* He's incredibly awesome.

Be thankful in everything! Bad times, the best of times, when things are just right and life is smooth sailing, when everything crashes around you - Be Thankful!

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. Eat lots of turkey, spend time with your family and enjoy this day.



Katybug said...

I grew up having Thanksgiving with a small army of people. Looking back, I know it was a lot of work for my mom, it was SO much fun! You are blessed indeed to have so much family with whom you can spend your day! Happy Thanksgiving, Deb!!

Queen Catherella said...

Happy Thanksgiving Deb... I'm so thankful that you are my sister... Thanks for the ups and downs and all the stuff in between! And for making me laugh hysterically this morning laying on Gramms couch at 6:30 in the morning... ha ha ha ha.... Chim Chimeree Chim Chimeree... ha ha ha LOVE YOU!