Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Robot Kid

This past Sunday morning my sister and I had the kids. All the kids. Ranging in age from 3 years old to 11 years old. Our church is in the middle of a move so things were everywhere. We enclosed the kids in a circle of chairs and played Bible Trivia Hot Potato towards the end.

Some of the answers were as follows:

Cathy: What were the names of Noah's sons?
Dillon (11): Hmmm...
Cathy: I'll give you a hint, one is a meat.
Dillon (11): Steak!

It landed on Dillon again and we heard another funny answer.

Cathy: Who was the richest man in the Bible?
Dillon (11): Ohhh! Esau!
Cathy: No...
Dillon (11): No No, I meant Lysol!
*lots of laughter*
Cathy: No, that was the cleanest man in the Bible!

In the middle of the trivia hot potato the kids started getting antsy, so we had a dance break. One little boy was breaking some moves...


...Catherella's Castle... said...

Oh Man Deb! That was the funniest Kidz Praize Zone session to date! ha ha ha... Those kids were in rare form! And don't forget about Colton (the Pastor's son) asking a prayer request that his parents would stop fighting! ha ha ha ha!!! (which of course is quite a stretch from anything remotely true concerning them...hahahahah!!)

I love those kids! That video says it all!!!

thanks for sharing!


Barb said...

That kiddo is one creative thinker! Never heard of anyone referencing a Bible character named "Lysol!" :oD

Jenster said...

So cute!! "I am a C!" Now I have that song stuck in my head and will probably be singing it for days to come. lol Not such a bad thing, I suppose.

Shauna said...

Great video! I was laughing out loud the whole time. Those kids are GREAT! Loved the Robot! TOO FUNNY!

Becky said...

That was hilarious!

Kids are so awesome, aren't they? And so honest, lol. When my son first graduated up to the 5th & 6th grade class, their lesson was about Rahab. His teacher handed out a little vocabulary list which had the word "prostitute" on it.

One of my friend's sons asked loudly, "What's a prostitute?"

My son turns to him and says, "You know, like a whore!"

Made it sound like we went around using such language in our home, lol, but what the teacher didn't know was that our son had sat through a lesson the previous Sunday evening (with our youth group), where my husband was teaching about the whore mentioned in the book of Revelation.

My son's teacher said she could fill a book with hilarious things kids have said during in her 25 years of teaching Sunday School. It's great you keep track of them here, lol.