Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Busy Bee

It's the beginning of a very busy week in my part of the world. We had awesome church on Sunday night, our last service before we move into our new building, Yah!

I am so excited! Change is always good, sometimes scary, but in this case exciting. I am ecstatic about what God has planned for my church.

Our first service in the new building was supposed to be the weekend before Christmas but things fell through. Our first service *fingers crossed* will be this Thursday. I will take some pictures to share.


Onto the weather... It has poured buckets the last couple of days. We don't normally get rain like this in Orange County. It rained so bad on Saturday night that we went out to eat and came right home and sat by the fire, no point in getting soaked. Sunday was coooooooold! I am sure my cold is warm for everyone that has snow on their ground right now.

Since we don't usually have oodles of rain, the drivers do not seem to know how to maneuver a vehicle. Lots of accidents and spin outs. Oh yes, and slow pokes. It takes forever to get somewhere


Funny kid antics happened again this past weekend. Since we are still in the middle of the move, we blocked in the kids again and did a lesson on How Important Your Brothers & Sisters Are. We split them into groups of two and had them join together to come up with a talent such as singing, acting, making a joke, ect.

The little boy known here as the Robot Kid sang a song that I did not expect him to know... Also in this video montage, one group decided to do a catwalk. I believe the Robot Kid did not get the fact that girls and boys walk differently... My pastors son did not show by example. lol!


PJ said...

Too funny! I love teaching the little ones at church. They have such surprises for me sometimes!! (Like the walk down the catwalk!!) LOL

Shauna said...

BWAHAHA! That is hysterical! Those kids are just TOO funny.

The weather where I live right now is -50 celsius with the wind chill. Without, it's about -35. COLD! My husband is still working outside, but he can only go out for 30 second intervals before he has to get back in his truck and warm up. I stepped out to get the mail (in the box attached to our house, beside the front door) and I felt like a thousand needles were pricking my skin.

That's exciting your church will finally be in its new building. YEAH!

The Daily "B" said...

PJ - Thanks for stopping by. Kids say and do the funniest things!

Shauna, Brrrrrr. I've been in cold weather but never this cold. Made me cold just reading this. haha