Monday, February 04, 2008

Moves All Around

Let me start by saying I've become a blog slacker. I will admit it and I don't have a great excuse so I won't give you one. =)

A lot of changes are happening around me this week. Our church has not moved into our new building, but we will soon. God's got it all in control. We're just waiting to see how He plays this one. We had an online service last night and it was great, but I miss my church family so very much. My Pastor talked about vision and encouraged the church family to just sit tight because God's got a plan. He said, "If we understood it, it wouldn't be a God thing". This is a God thing. My Pastor read this awesome poem last night...

I Am A Person Of Vision By Mark Jordan
I’ve Been A Pew Warmer, A Fence Walker, A Spectator For Too Long
I’m Getting Up, Getting Right And Getting Going
I May Not See The Entire Picture, But I Do See The Picture
I Can’t Try Everything, But I Might As Well Try Something
I May Fail Trying, But I Won’t Fail To Try
I May Not Make Much Of My Investment, But I Won’t Bury My Talents In The Ground
I Will Act, Though I Receive No Thanks In Return
I Will Pray And Leave The Answer To God
I Will Witness And Leave The Response Up To The Person
I Will Smile Even Though No One Smiles Back
I Will Give Because It’s Right, Not Because I Expect Something In Exchange For What I Give
I’m Blood Bought, Word Taught, Miraculously Wrought
I Am Divinely Created, Spirit Filled, God Called And Heaven Sent
I’m Saved By Grace, Programmed To Succeed, Wired For Power And Mission Oriented
God Is My Commander-In-Chief, Christ Is My Savior, The Pastor’s My Coach, The Bible’s My Blueprint, The Holy Ghost Is My Guide, The World Is My Mission
I Will Be Immune To Criticism
Unbowed By Critics, Unmoved By Suffering, Unashamed Of The Gospel
I Will Obey Like Noah
Sacrifice Like Abraham
Fight Like David
Pray Like Daniel
Be Patient Like Job
And See God’s Greatness Like Isaiah
I’ll Even Weep Like Jeremiah
But I’ll Preach Like Peter
And I’ll Reach Out Like Paul
I Have Nothing Greater To Live For, And Nothing Better To Die For
For I Am A Person Of Vision!

This is what I feel like at this moment...
My job is expanding. They installed a doorway in my office this past weekend and I came in this morning, with a black sweater I might add, and found my desk covered. After cleaning and looking at myself covered in grime, I wanted to head back home and take another shower. Ugh.

It's all for the good though, so my only complain is the dust issues. I am moving offices. A large office in the back, yah!! I am so excited. Less noise and more privacy means more work done and less stress! Exactly what I need.

I won't stay away as long as I did last week...


...Catherella's Castle... said...

Great Minds think a like...

and yes, I can vouch that you look like a grimeball about now... it's pretty messy here in the office, but just keep envisioning complete and total privacy... all alone, alone, alone, alone.....(echo....)in your big new executive office!

Becky said...

Ahhh, the big move to the bigger, better office! Woo Hoo!

My step-mom was recently downgraded to a cubicle, shared with 3 other women over the course of a 24 hour workday...and this as management! Hers is a temporary move to another building while they refurbish the one they usualy occupy...when they move back in, she'll have a nice office,and the company will be all up-to-date with high speed networking and all that jazz, along with measures to make things more 'green'.

The Daily "B" said...

Becky, I am pretty excited, of course the loud grinding noise that is drowning out my thoughts is annoying... lol! Grinding from the flooring being put down that is.