Monday, February 25, 2008

Its Got Me Good...

10 Good Things About the F-f-f-f-luuuu - Achooo!

1. You can be as much of a loner as you want to; no one dares to come near!
2. You can legally be higher than a kite

3. You have an excuse for growling in your sleep due to your drugged state of mind
4. You can act like a whining baby... okay maybe not good

5. Boss wants you to stay away
6. You can stay in your pajamas all day or all weekend in my case. (not the same ones...)
7. Watch old seasons of the Apprentice all day long

8. Read to your hearts content, when your lucid that is

9. Make a sniffling mess and no one cares

10. Complain to your hearts content and not annoy people... or at least they won't admit it!


Jenster said...

Benefits notwithstanding, I hope you feel better SOON!!


Becky said...

LOL, so true!

Hope you're feeling better soon, Deb.

How is that book A Passion Most Pure?

Katybug said...

Too funny!!!! Thanks for the giggles! Hope you're feeling better soon, Deb.

Becky, A Passion Most Pure is FABULOUS!!! I loved it!!!

Shauna said...

LOL! Oh Deb, I hope you're feeling better! I'm still waiting for my copy of A Passion Most Pure in the mail.

Shauna said...

Oooh, how was Moon Over Tokyo? I looked at it once, but wasn't sure.

The Daily "B" said...

I am well on my way to recovery! Thanks for the "get well" wishes.

Passion Most Pure is good so far... not that far into it... I will let you all know when I am done.

Shauna - Moon Over Tokyo is a good book. Not as good as Adrien, but still up there.

Shauna said...

As good as The Cubicle Next Door?

The Daily "B" said...

I thought Moon was better than Cubicle. Much better.