Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tag... I'M IT

I've been tagged by Katybug at Watercolor Wisdom or Lack Thereof...

1. Grab the book you are currently reading and turn to p. 123

2. Go to the 5th sentence

3. Post the next 3 sentences

4. Tell the name of the book and author

5. Tag 5 others

The following is from Passion Most Pure. A christian fiction from Julie Lessman. I am on the first chapter... yes, first chapter. When I was sick in bed I couldn't concentrate so I pulled out Moon Over Tokyo by Siri Mitchell again and read that instead. Now I am back to Passion Most Pure... So here are the lines.

"Its simply a heart thing Briana. All you have to do is acknowledge you're a sinner and that Jesus is Savior. Then simply ask Him to come into your heart and be Lord of your life."


I don't have five people that I know that are readers and will have a current book to do this, so I will pass this on to:

Mom at Been There, Done That
Catherine at Queen's Castle
Sonia at MrsBingley

These are the three most important women readers in my life, they love to read as much as I do... okay maybe not as obsessed as I've been lately, but I gained my love of books from my mother and sister. If you are reading a book follow the rules, if not, open the nearest book or your favorite book and play the game with us!

BTW - Blogger fixed SPELL CHECK **doing the happy dance**


Becky said...

And what great lines those were! How cool is that? Of all the rules that could have been followed, in that particular book, those sentences would be the Gospel in a nutshell?

angela said...

I've been dying to read A PASSION MOST PURE. You'll have to give us a review when you're done. So far is it as good as everybody is saying?

The Daily "B" said...

Becky - I know it, those lines went together so well.

Angela - I will let you know how the book was, so far it's very good.

Shauna said...

Oh, I am sooooo anxious for this book to arrive in the mail! I should check my Amazon account and see if they mailed it yet...

Nope. It says there's a delivery date of Feb. 26 - Mar. 5. Seeing as how it has yet to be shipped, I highly doubt it'll get here by then. *Sigh*

The Daily "B" said...

Aw, and its so good! The family reminds me of the movie Meet Me In St. Louis with Judy Garland. I love it so far!

Amazon takes forever! boohoo!