Thursday, February 28, 2008

Deb v The Mud

Mud 1 / Deb 0

Everything happens to me. I am not a clumsy person. I am not a clumsy person. I am not a clumsy person... I have fallen and hurt myself three times in my adult years. All three times have been in the last year and half. I am not a clumsy person!

I did a little mud sliding last night. I was on my may into a hotel in Newport, stepped off the curb and next thing I know I am falling, very slowly. I landed on the front of my ankle. DANGER. Most of you know I just injured my ankle in October; ripped the ligaments and tendons pretty bad.

I ended up landing under a Camry that was parked in front of the curb. Apparently I made no noise when falling since no one came to my rescue. I called my sister for help after I was already flat on my back in the mud. My sister-in-law came and bent over laughing while I whimpered. I finally told her to "shut up". LOL! My sister was too busy rummaging for her camera.

By the time I got up, we are all laughing so hard, I was laughing and crying. lol! Getting up was not simple, covered in mud and stuck in mud made me slip and slide. I ended up crawling over the flower bed to a dryer area.

My ankle was hurting, not as bad as my other injury though, thank God. I went home and looked at my foot and saw BLOOD! lol. This mud was infused with some sort of plant chemicals and would not come off, I still have a film of mud on my foot that won't budge!

I came out of the ring with a swollen bruised foot, toes, and a few scrapes. The mud, well... It's still sitting there laughing at me.

The worst thing... or funniest, my sister got it all on video! Her first reflex to help was "Pull out the camera!"


Becky said...

I'm so (bwaha) sorry (bwahahaha!)!~ Seriously, I am. It really bites to hurt yourself, but the spectacle painted a hilarious image in my mind. ;o)

Hope you're feeling better soon. And that you were able to soak the muddy goo off your foot.

Becky said...

My husband would have been pulling out the camera, too, I'm afraid. I get no respect.

Jenster said...

Curse the convenience of digital cameras!!

I'm so glad you're not hurt, Deb. But like Becky said, what a great picture you painted!! LOL

...Catherella's Castle... said...

The best part of it was that she called my name in a normal no-nonsense tone, which I chose to ignore, until our sister-in-law started screaming DEB DEB DEB!!! All I could think of was, If a tree falls in the middle of the forest, does it make a sound if no one is around to hear it?

ha ha ha ha!!!!

I'll have pictures and video up on my blog in the next couple of days... ha ha ha!

Way to Go Deb! But ultimately I am so glad you are not seriously injured! There, does that make up for my quick camera reflexes and the laughing fits???


Shauna said...


Oh, Deb! Although it sounds as if that hurt, and I feel for ya, I couldn't help laughing. I could just see you squirming around in the mud. *snicker* Ahem, sorry.

I hope your foot feels better soon. And I'm thankful you didn't injure it as severely as last time.

But thanks for the chuckle. Perhaps one day we'll see this on YouTube??

Mrs. Bingley said...

Hi Deb - I know I commented in a long time, so sorry! :-)

OK I know this is really mean, but I haven't laughed so hard like that in a long time! LOL

When I heard you say - "Cathy" and I saw you on the floor - I thought oh no not again. I am so glad that you are okay and you didn't hurt your ankle. But I must say you were pretty funny.

Love you Deb and glad your OK!

The Daily "B" said...

Let me just say...

I'll have pictures and video up on my blog in the next couple of days... ha ha ha!
Cat - What have I ever done to you!? Okay, wait. Don't answer that. Really though? My foot hurts, do you want to hurt my pride.. anymore? =( haha

The Daily "B" said...

Love you Deb and glad your OK!

Sonia... where was this love when I was covered in mud and crying like a baby? lol!

The Daily "B" said...

I am feeling much much better, all!

Just bruised and patched up. =)


His Girl said...

YOW!!!! Glad you're alright, and even more glad I wasn't there (to my shame I am a laugher-at-falls)- this way I can be all human and sympathetic :)

Great tale- hope you're on the mend soon!!!