Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My New Years

My normal New Years plans were changed at the last minute. I was bummed but still ended having a fun time... sort of.

Normally on New Years we have a watch night service at my church. We start around 9:00 and end sometimes after midnight. We then very carefully go to Denny's (yuck, not a Denny's girl) and eat breakfast at 2:something. This year we couldn't get a space since we are waiting for escrow to close on our new building. Everyone decided to get together at the church for potluck and games. I mainly sat on the computer in my mom's office and read blogs, exciting way to ring in the New Year. Around 11PM I headed out to join the party. About 15 minutes to midnight someone gave the kids horns. My head is still hurting. They blew their horns for 15 straight minutes. Once the countdown was done, everyone kissed and hugged and confetti was everywhere. My sister should have a video up soon, hopefully I was edited out. I will just warn you now that I was the grump, for no clear reason, saying "Why are you taking video? Why? Turn it off!"

I watched Dick Clarks Rockin' Eve when I got home knowing that I could sleep in the next morning. I started baking after I dragged myself out of bed on New Years. These Devil's Food Cupcakes were so good! They came out perfect! I also baked a Godiva cake for our neighbor as a "Happy New Year" gift.

For dinner we had crabbed stuffed salmon, steak with blue cheese, scalloped potatoes, bread with herb butter, baked beans with crispy bacon and garden salad with homemade buttermilk ranch. The last calorie binge before the whole "let's lose weight" idea tries to kick in. This picture is an absolute mess, I was too concerned about digging in to make it look pretty.
I spent the rest of the evening lounging on the couch talking about how I was going to do some scrapbooking and read... until I found a good show on HGTV about the Dream House (should have been called "In Your Dreams") and decided to continue being lazy.

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Jenster said...

I hope the drool doesn't fry my computer! That food looks and sounds delicious!!

Our youth group had a big New Year's Eve lock in. We watched the ball drop (the first time) and then the youth band played. I had to stay and watch because my son was in the band. After that we came home and then had to go back at 7:00 in the morning to pick up the kids. YIKES Then we stayed in our jammies the rest of the day. :o)