Monday, January 14, 2008

Married to Your Twin?!?

Can you imagine, finding the love of your life, building a relationship, planning your wedding, getting married, going on your honeymoon only to find out that the resemblance you found in each other wasn't a coincidence?

This is a sad strange story of twins separated at birth, meeting later in life and falling in love! They found out that they were twins after they were married! So sad and of course I know your thinking icky, right? Me too. I can only imagine what was going through their heads when someone said, "Your wife/husband is your twin, sorry your parents didn't mention this before." I think it's a good idea for adopted kids to search out their biological parents. There is valuable information to be found. This is not just an opinion, I know this as a fact. One of the important thing to know is what your families health issues, if any, are. Also, do you have a twin out there?

Just a thought, if you look too much like your fiance, don't marry them! lol!


...Catherella's Castle... said...

Yeah, I really felt bad for these people when I first read this story. Talk about your past, present and future taking a hard blow all at once. So sad.

Becky said...

Just a thought...if you look too much like your fiance, don't marry them!


It is truly a sad, strange story. The sad thing is, the way people are so promiscuous these days, there could be a whole lot more of this happening than we'd even want to know about within our own communities. Girls marrying their 'brother from another mother', etc. Oy. Kind of creeps you out, really.

I once read an inspirational historical fiction book that dealt with this same topic. It had something to do with a wedding dress. Jannette Oke? Marian Wells? Can't recall.

The Daily "B" said...

I have read that book several times, A Gown of Spanish Lace by Janette Oke. This is actually one of my sisters favorite books.

Shauna said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That is the saddest, and weirdest, thing I've heard. How devastating. And how would you go about developing a sibling relationship after something like that?

Deb, I've read that book, I'm sure, but I can't remember it. Can you refresh my memory?

Jenster said...

I saw this and you're right. It's so sad.

Um, people used to say Todd and I looked like brother and sister. But we know where we came from! LOL

I read that book eons ago. Good stuff.