Sunday, June 17, 2012

Famous Home - Diane Keaton

I started "pinning" Famous Homes on my Pinterest a while back, definitely favorite pastime when I'm tucked away in bed with my mind going a hundred miles an hour and a couple of times during the day when I find a few moments.

I think homes, architecturally and design wise are beautiful. You may ask "why famous homes?", well I find it interesting to see what 'they' choose to design the interiors, what kind of homes these people choose to live in, some extravagant and some humble. Sort of.

So for my first "Famous Home" entry, a great actress that matches the home she lived in. I think it's rustic and beautiful. There's something about the warmness of the nighttime glow that makes me want to drive by or even sit on the porch of this Spanish style abode.

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