Wednesday, July 01, 2009

MIB - Missing in blogland

I've been MIA or MIB for a few days... Work is beyond busy and once I'm done at work I just wanna crash at home.

I have so much to blog about, but will leave you with this. If you are feeling like a new blog look, go to the Design Girls blog for a chance to win one of her pre-made templates.

I'll be back to actually blog... maybe tomorrow!


Jenster said...

Me too!!! Are you still reading Echo in the Darkness??

Becky said...

So yesterday, we went to visit some friends at a certain beach in O.C.. They are an old couple that used to attend our church but are now living nearer to family and are shut ins with bad health. Anyway, she'd had a stroke, so we went to see them spur-of-the-moment and decided to go to Ruby's on the pier at said beach, and then to those fab restaurants in Anahiem. We almost went to Steakhouse 55, but ended up trying the Jazz Kitchen. YUMMO. While we were sitting there I said, I should have seen if Deb could meet us here! Alas, I had no way to contact you. One of these days, though, we simply must get together.

The Daily Bee said...

I love the Jazz kitchen! Good good food. And the beach, I was right down the street from there today on the beach myself. So close! :) I'll need to email you my Phone # so that the next time you're this close to me we can meet up!