Monday, July 13, 2009

Southern Wedding - Part Two

My sister and I are very close; it's been a big adjustment not having her around all the time. Even talking on the phone is different since it's always the important things that have to be talked about and not just the basic day to day things. The couple of days I had with her were rushed and full of wedding stress. I didn't expect to have my sister back for a couple of days, I really did expect all conversation to be "wedding talk", as it should be. But deep down I wished for my sister back, the one that would listen to all the things that were bothering me and put it all in perspective. The one that would laugh with me and carrying on as only sisters can do. Sometimes changes in life are no fun. This being one of them for me.
Day of the wedding, we had lunch at a little Shrimp Shack with our Pastor and his family. Tons of fried food! So yummy... but you can only take so much! I could hear Weight Watchers calling my name after every bite.
(Fried pickles and a fried shrimp poboy)
After lunch we rushed to the house to get ready. NINE people with one bathroom. Bad news. Lots of arguing about who's going to get in next. Wasn't pretty.
I drove the bridesmaids and my aunt and nephew to the wedding site... we were already about 30 minutes late and I couldn't get into the parking lot and passed the location and drove about 3 miles with all screaming, "Turn here!" "I can't turn!" "Hurry!!!" "Make sure we don't get there before Cath!!"
Oh boy.
As we got ready to walk down the "aisle", things got harry again. By the time I scowled my way down, kicking sand as I went, all I could think of was, why did I wear shoes? and this dress is making me look pregnant...
It was all forgotten, almost, as my sister walked down... then the tears came. This was really it... she was getting married.

My incredible Pastor and his wife.

Dad smiling, mom crying

The wedding party... the bridesmaids didn't get the "sunglasses" memo

My big sis and I

My nephew Cristian... miserable and ready to "Goo hoooome"

Mr. & Mrs.
After being friends as kids, and having a secret crush on each other, 20 years later they found each other on Face*book and here they are...

After the reception, which I don't have any good pictures of since I was running around buying more cups in a hectic tourist town, my Pastor took us to Lamberts, "home of the thrown rolls". What an experience, I loved it!

We got caught in a rain storm. I'd never seen rain like this. It looked like rain from all over the world was being dumped out on this one area. I felt like a kid again and wanted to run and jump in the puddles. My first warm rain experience.

Here is my sister-in-law, soaked through. Lamberts is such a fun restaurant. I remember seeing it on Food* Network* and wishing I could visit. Wish came true and it is just as good as they described. Hot rolls being tossed around and so much food you don't know what to eat first!

I ordered the famous chicken fried steak... and got a whole cow! ha-ha
I barely made a dent in this thing... but it was so very good.
If I could bring the Southern food here, I'd be one happy camper... of course if they included a free visit to the plastic surgeon for some liposuction, that would help too! Who can eat like this every day?

My sister and her new husband are on their honeymoon in Costa Rica! Starting a new life together...

This Southern wedding was a good experience and best of all, family time. I love them and spending time with them is not something I dread, it's something I look forward to!


Becky said...

I looooved the photos! Everything was GORGEOUS! A beach wedding?! How cool is that?

Loved your fish lips photo, and the one with poor little Christian who probably thought, "Why do I have to hold this thing?", lol.

I loved your outfits...and that Thrown Rolls place looks yummy...though you're so right...I couldn't eat like that every day.

Jenster said...

LOVE this post!!

* You all look beautiful! And it looks like the weather cooperated. Bonus!

* Fried pickles are delish! Never even heard of them until I moved to the South.

* Lamberts is the best!! Holy Throwed Rolls they serve a lot of food, though. Waaaaay too much, but so much fun.

* There's nothing better than a good summer rain in the South (unless there's lightening). That's one of the things I'll always miss.

* So glad you had such a great experience. I love being with all of my family, too, but it hardly ever happens as we're all spread out. But when it does happen - good times!! lol