Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rockets and Luggage

I had a good, great 4th! My favorite part of the whole evening was sitting out with the neighbors letting off fireworks. Some legal some not... the illegal ones are fun... but when a house burns down, the fun stops. Thankfully, me beseeching God as I ran back and forth across the lawn because of my fear of rockets worked. Thanks, God. :)

Here are my neighbors from our front lawn. I love it. For one night we can pretend we are a mayberry community. One night.

I'm supposed to be packing instead of blogging and facebooking... but I hate packing. I do. I especially hate unpacking. It will be a short trip so not too many things to pack, but I'm a girl - nuf' said.

With all the prepping for my trip, I realized that I didn't have a carry on since the whole family was going. I would normally just take one of their suitcases and not my big boat. But, it was either carry a trash bag or buy one.

I didn't want to look like the above... so I went to *Marshalls* and found one with a big tag that said LOW PRICE. It was cute too, so that was a plus.

Same as this but leopard. Very cute. I'll be styling as I trip my way through security tomorrow night.

Did I mention that we are taking a red-eye? And when we get to our destination we have to decorate and run errands? Well, that's the case. I'm young, I can do it! (not really)

A little flying prayer would help this fearofflyinggirl. :)

I won't be posting until I'm back, so have a wonderful week and I'll have tons of photos to post when I return!


Katybug said...

Have a great trip, Deb! Looking forward to your return post. :-) And thanks for that sounds SOOOOO DIVINE!!! It's a pasta salad that's meant to be eaten cold, right?

Jenster said...

Cute carry on! Safe trip! And can't wait for the pictures!!