Thursday, November 19, 2009

Diary of a mad... little girl

I've always kept a diary. Since I could piece together words, even though no one else could understand them, I would write down my thoughts and feelings.

For some reason family members always gave me diaries or journals (I figure they're the same thing with two different names). When I turned fifteen, my paternal Grandparents (Gramms & Gramps) gave me a diary with a lock and key. When you're fifteen, you need a diary with a lock and key... and if you have two brothers in the house, you needed a safe place to store it. Of course, no matter where I hid it, it would go missing and show up under my brother's bed when his friends were over. *cringe*.

At some point as a little girl I got this diary... my very first.

I wrote down problems such as...

I was scared of two things, one being '... when I go on the pot. That sumthing will bit [bite] my botom.' Okay, first off, who calls the toilet the pot? lol apparently I did.

In reference to a friends diary, 'she told me she had a wrell [real] nice wan [one] But mine is nice too well I better go.'

'I like my mom and I dont like my friend's sayn [saying] bad words and I like my dad.' What a good girl I was! *proud me moment*

'What a day I had, were goging [going] to yereka [Eureka] and I had to pack all buy my self.' What a difficult life I led.

This entry was the kicker that made me want to post this... even now I am laughing and can hear my little girl voice.

This one entry speaks to what I am even today! Jumping from one thing to the next is what I do best. haha.

'Touday I went to church. there was lots of kids and viseters [visitors] We hade Donits and milk. Then we made hands out of mantanel (I have no clue what that is) then we had kids cawier [choir]. We had to sing the cors [chorus] that was kind of in Barisin [embarrassing] alote in Barisin. My mom sher [sure] gets mad when I Dount [don't] miend [mind] sotimes I wish I could go shoping but my mom won't.'

If this interest no one else, I know my family would find this extremely interesting.haha. Walking down memory lane can sometimes be no fun, the past is the past... but looking back can be a real eye opener...

I'm sure that deep thought concerning the 'pot' will come in handy some day. ;)


Queen Catherella said...

HA HA HA! I remember these entries well! Of course it's because you shared them with me, not because I was a snoop like... ahheemm... PETER! LOL Just kidding!

What a fun post Deb!

I shur remamber thos days. P.Hands Patty! :-)

Love ya!

Jenster said...

FUN!! I think you should post more!! And it's good to know your "pot" fears! lol

Becky said...


I'm for the posting more entries, lol.