Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Monday

I started off this beautiful day by slipping on mud and landing my sandaled foot in the gutter. Dirty brown water and who knows what else. Monday's are not a fun day for me. I think that's a consensus among all working women and men.

I am sitting in my office at work, trying to get motivated for the week... trying is the key word here. I don't think I've ever shared pictures of this place where I spend most of my "awake" time. Completely raw, no cleaning up, it can get a little messy. I've been with this company for almost 5 years and in this office for over a year and I still have not decorated it properly. I have so many plans, at least to throw some pictures on the wall, but it hasn't happened yet. So my walls are a light beige with nothing but a cork board and whiteboard. Bare and bland which is not me, or so I like to think.

I handle records for legal trials for major companies that everyone in the world knows. So we have a ton of work since everyone wants to sue them. Serious work overload. As you can see by the mess of papers all over the office. I have 10 in-boxes. T-E-N. Why ten? I have to separate everything from important to least important. It really makes no difference because it all because important to whoever is waiting for it. So now you know what I see Now that I've seen these pictures on here, I MUST work on getting this place looking more "comfy" (for lack of a better word). Any ideas?

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This last weekend was packed with wonderful goodness. I will post pictures in the next few days of hilarious kids program (2-5 year olds singing and dancing - stomachache laughter) and my nephews b-day party.

We visited my Gramps grave yesterday, Our first Father's Day without him. We also saw Nicole Brown* Sim*pson's* grave which is a few feet from my Gramps. You'll know her from the famous OJ* Simpson* trial.

We celebrated my dad by having a bbq and I bought him a gift which was NOT a gag gift but apparently everyone seemed to think it was. What do you get someone who has everything? A cushioned toilet seat cover. Why not? I figure you spend some time on there, especially as you get older and the comfier the better. He didn't think so.

My dad is an incredible Dad, even if he didn't like the gift I bought. Things have not always been perfect between us because I'm more of a Mama's girl and my sister is the Daddy's girl, but my Dad is wonderful. Growing up he was the BEST dad there was. He took us on a big vacation every summer, lavish spending on his kids that most people never get to experience. He exposed us to the finer things in life that his own mom and dad exposed him too. But beyond all that, he's always provided and loved us every single day. I knew that I can go to him if I needed help, which in my early adulthood days I really was a thorn in his side. I had a special place for Nord*strom and other stores that he didn't appreciate very much! ha! Which he never really knew where I spending all my hard earned cash, he just knew that I needed help with this or that. Eventually I grew up and realized that Dad couldn't always come to my rescue. I'm sure he's thankful for that! So, one day late, Thank you, Dad for being a great father! I love you.


Becky said...

I think your office would look FAB decorated in French/Paris fashionista stuff...a big Eiffel tower on the wall (like what you used to have your blog header way back when)...or maybe classic movie memorabilia. The romantic classic posters framed and arranged with other fun stuff (like movie reels and stuff...I've seen some of that at Kirklands Home stores lately). Black and white with pink all over the place. ;)

Go for some of the fun stuff you would decorate your blog with, girl. Fun stuff. Colorful and vibrant. Stuff you enjoy seeing every time you go to work. I mean, when you spend as many waking hours as you do at work, you might as well have it furnished to your tastes, right?

The Daily Bee said...

You know how I LOVE anything Parisian! Great idea with the black and white and pink... got my thinker working. ha-ha!