Thursday, June 04, 2009

My wonderful office lamp...

Or not...

I rarely am at my desk at home. I spend most of my time everywhere but in my room. Everything I do on the computer is usually done between 8:30-5, Monday through Friday.

My new desk is a flat simple piece. I actually like it. Dark oak on top and distressed cream wood on the bottom.

I really wanted this to complement the desk...

But ended up with something like this...

My mom loves to save everything that we grew up with. Old paintings and figurines are among the many things that are stored in the garage and sneak their way into the house.

I setup my new desk, sleek and nice next to my computer and one single framed photo of me and these two.

Back to the lamp... I came home one day and there sitting in the center, the center, was this antique glass lamp. The base and middle are a tarnished gold and the glass has leafy looking flowers. Not what this girl wanted.

I laughed and knew that my mom was not only trying to find a place to stash her goods but she was truly thinking that I really liked this lamp.

How could I not now? I've looked.. and looked and found one good thing about this lamp and that is it's light. It shines brighter than a lamp with a shade, subtle and warm. And... the best thing, it reminds me of someone who loves me and wants to share her "likes" with me.

Sappy? So what, it's true. Me and my lamp have become friends... not sure how long this friendship will last. We. Shall. See.

Philippians 4:11... for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content (so says my desk and me)

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Becky said...

Awww,that was so sweet.

I've been seeing some cute old hobnail glass lamp pairs shaped like that in my thriftiquing lately, but in colors I wasn't crazy about (gold), and have thought I might just try spray painting one white to look like milk glass for my bedroom. I've been seeing some amazing transformations of glass items just using spray paint.

Loooooved the latest Deeanne Gist book! The cover is FAB, too.