Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy Tuesday... and Happy Birthday

Today is a special Tuesday for me. My birthday.

It feels like just another Tuesday, no "Happy Birthday's" until I talked to my sister on the phone and then walked in my office and happy to see that my boss' didn't forget my birthday this year. Beautiful orchids on my desk and a "Happy Birthday" sign. That will cheer up a bleak morning!

I looked through a couple of old albums last night and had to share these pictures of my "early days".

Me and my Mama

My brother Peter and I laughing... as we often do even now. Even though it's usually me laughing at him...

And then... this is a more accurate picture of what I looked like. Dirt in the face with big eyes and a crazy grin.

Happy Tuesday and Happy Birthday to... well, me. ;)


Becky said...

Happy Birthday, Deb! Hope you have a wonderful day. Let me guess...Steakhouse 55 for dinner?

The photos are adorable. Love that laughter was so prevalent then and now in your family.

The Daily Bee said...

Thank you, friend! No Steakhouse 55 today. :( Economy didn't put that in the budget this year. haha

Julie Lessman said...


Oh man, steak is my favorite b-day dinner too, only the place I make Keith take me to is called Citizen Kane's.

Darling pix!!


Shauna said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Deb! I hope you had a fabulous day...even without the steak.

The Daily Bee said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Julie and Shauna! I spent my birthday with my family, so of course it was good. :)

Katybug said...

Oh Deb!!! I'm so sorry I missed your special day!!! I hope it was delightful!!! I LOVE the pictures...you were a BEAUTIFUL baby! Still beautiful, inside & out!!!