Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Picture This... Thomas Kinkade

My Mom collects Thomas Kinkade's. My Dad usually "surprises" her with a new one on Christmas. Thomas Kinkade had just come out with this one in November 2007, An Evening at Biltmore (click on the link for history). This mansion is beautiful and it was rumored that the inside of the mansion was designed ahead of its time, with a bowling alley! The minute I looked at this I could picture something like Pride & Prejudice or Emma. Breathtaking.

We had the opportunity to have an Expert Highlighter come in and add some highlights to the painting, shown above. My sister and I were able to add some touch ups as well, with the Expert leaning over our shoulders of course. Thomas Kinkade is known for how his paintings look when they're lit up. Depending on how you dim your lighting or brighten it, the painting takes on a whole new atmosphere and feeling.

The man and women walking toward the front were the owners of the Biltmore.


Purely Sony said...

I love this painting.... simply beautiful!

Becky said...

Beautiful. It DOES look Pride & Prejudice-y!

My grandma was a huge Thomas Kinkade fan, too. Every time I see a new one, I think, "She would have loved this!"

Are you just DYING to read that book? When is your reading fast over?

Jenster said...

Oh, I love Thomas Kincade. My in-laws have a few. In fact, their first one was back when he was brand new and not at all popular yet. Can I just say that practically stole that one!!

I also love the Biltmore. Todd and I spent the day there for our 9th anniversary. It was like going to Europe and back in time. It's truly magnificent.

The Daily "B" said...

Becky - Dying! It's torture. I can start reading it on Friday.

Jen - I would love to visit the Biltmore, beautiful.

Shauna said...

Oh, I LOVE Thomas Kincade! His pictures are so serene I always want to climb inside!

Queen Catherella said...

that was a surreal experience, getting use ol' Tom's actual custom paints to add highlights to this painting... scary..... soooo scary, but what a great opportunity!!

Jenster, the first TK that my dad bought my mom was from TK's gallery in Big Bear, CA.... he wasn't well known at that time either, so my dad got a great deal.... needless to say, prices have gone up since then.... ha ha ha!