Friday, April 04, 2008

My Wonderful Random Week

It's been a really great week... If Sunday was any idea of how the week was going to be, I was ready to stay in bed and cover my head until it was over. But, it has been wonderful! Very random, but great! The one thing that would have made it better... reading. That always lifts my spirits. But then again, maybe it was such a good week because I wasn't reading... who knows.


This post is going to be a full of pictures today. I walked outside the Saturday before Easter and saw these poinsettias in full bloom... from Christmas! In my backyard! I don't know how it is anywhere else, but we don't see poinsettias around here until late November.


Kids and Cell Phones

On Wednesday nights I work with the kids, ages 2 - 13 at my church. Every Wednesday we have to make an announcement, "Please turn off your cell phones.". Not just for the older kids, the little kids too! Here are two of our 11 year old boys texting away before class starts. Next thing you know the toddlers will have cell phones!


Enchanted *sigh*
I had the itch to see Enchanted (click for trailer) after my Sister and Becky said that they saw this twice already. I have now seen it twice and wouldn't mind seeing it again. Such a great movie! I loved it! Family friendly, great music, funny, and sweet.


Faith, Hope, and Love...
I came home late on Wednesday night, I go straight from work to the hotel where my church is temporarily at while we are in the process of buying our building, and there was a box waiting for me. I opened it, expecting Wives & Daughters DVDs that I purchased forever ago. This is what I found...

BOOKS! I had forgotten that I sent in an application to be a Judge for The Eighth Annual Faith, Hope and Love, RWA Chapter’inspirational Reader’s Choice Contest. I received four books, all signed by the authors! Best of all, I can keep them!
I'm reading and judging these this month, I can't reveal my actual scores, but I will let you know about the ones that I really liked. I have never read any of these authors before, I know what you're thinking, Never read Karen Kingsbury? This will be my first one. I've been wanting to read her books for so long, I just didn't know where to start. Has anyone read Book 1, Sunrise? If you have, please let me know if I should read that one before Summer. Or fill me in so I'm not lost...

This is going to be very different for me, I don't usually read books like this, I tend to be drawn to the Christian Romance. We shall see...

Keep an eye open for a book giveaway this month... My bookcases are getting too full at this point.


No Books for two weeks...
I can pick up a book and READ on Saturday! I thought that I would be able to read today, but I calculated wrong. When I wake up on Saturday morning, Deep In The Heart of Trouble and I have a date!


Becky said...

It used to be that kids didn't take an interest in talking on the phone (especially boys) until at least Middle School...nowdays, my sons friends are all packing them to elementary school. Jericho won't get one until he begins driving.

Loved the poinsettias blooming right before Easter!

YOU LUCKY GIRL...those books sound awesome! As does Dee's book. (I'm crazy jealous ;) ).

And I've got to know (well, if you can tell it, that is)...what joke did you play on your bro for April Fools?

The Daily "B" said...

Becky - My brother and I teamed up to sell some stuff on eBay. He finds these awesome ties at thrifts that are collectors edition and worth much more than the thrift store sells them for. This one tie was so nice. We had a matter of minutes left and I text him and told him that the tie skyrocketed from $70 some odd dollars to $160! More than double. He was so excited and making plans to use the money for bills and what not. He called a while later and wanted to talk about his good fortune... I later text him and said "April Fools!"

He was not happy. I pushed all the guilty feelings away by reminding myself how much he had been driving me crazy earlier... bills or no bills. lol

Barb said...

We have a friend who looks like the cartoon prince in Enchanted. When I told him that, he said he's also been told he looks like Woody in Toy Story. His cell phone voice message also sounds like Jim on The Office. I told him he's just star quality all around...

Jenster said...

Great week! Especially the books. Oh happy day!! shhh. I haven't read Karen Kingsbury either. I'm anxious to read what you think - I'm pretty sure it will be good

The Daily "B" said...

Barb - Your friend looks like Woody, The Prince, and Jim?? LOL!!! Come to think of it, Jim does look like a cartoon character.

Jenster - I've heard such good things about her writing... I started The Will of Wistera, didn't expect to get so engrossed in it. Very good so far.

angela said...

I read one of Karen's books and got so mad that I refused to read anymore. It was so slow that I figured she could fit the whole series into one book if she just made it tighter. It's like a soap opera and seems to suck most people in, but it didn't wow me.

Deep In the Heart of Trouble was great. Neiner, neiner, Becky.

As for Enchanted, I loved it, too. I went with my girls and came home and said, "That cute guy from Superman is in it." My husband said, "Kevin Spacey?" Hardly.

The Daily "B" said...

Angela - Soap opera? She seems to be so popular... maybe there is a reason I've never picked up one of her books.

Kevin Spacey? Handsome? LOL! Hilarious.

Shauna said...

Wow! You're a judge for the RWA?! That's amazing and wonderful! Do you have to have certain qualifications for it? I'm a little bit in awe right now. ;-)

I LOVE book giveaways and just put up more book shelves, so bring it on. :0)

The Daily "B" said...

Don't be too in awe... I just got in before the deadline. lol

The main qualification was that you could not be an aspiring author. They wanted readers. I believe 90 judges were picked.