Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I've got a Dummy

Ack! Can you imagine my surprise when this came in the mail this week!

I take care of records for legal trials, such as car accidents, amusement park accidents, large company employment issues (most names you would recognize, but I'll refrain from giving them bad publicity, lol). Paper and photos. That's the extent of my load. Never have I seen this before. This face is sitting on my credenza, staring at me. Inviting me to try it on... did I just write that? Try it on? Who knows where that dummy has been! He looks like he's been around.

Anyway, I have a Dummy, at least for a short while. He has really good skin, no brain, and he never says a word. I can say whatever I want in front of him and he will never say a word. Ever. So easy going. Never leaves. I think He deserves a name... How about Bill? Then I can sing "Hey Bill". Or, Colin Firth. Yes! That's the name I'll give him. Collie for short.
My Dummy Collie.
Man, I wish all men were like this!


Queen Catherella said...

OH MY WORD... that Dummy Head is hilarious!!!

I wonder if he can take over the company? Seems like a nice guy to work for as you've described him... I sure wouldn't mind having Collie for a boss... ha ha ha

Jenster said...

Hahahahahahahha!!!! That's funny!!!!!

Katybug said...

I think that would creep me out opening up a box and finding that!!!! Ick.

So what did you think of "Wedding Bell Blues" and "Deep In The Heart of Trouble"? My copy of "Deep" should be here soon, as well as Tamera Alexander's new book "From A Distance"!

Becky said...

LOL, I'd vote for Darcy, but he was no dummy. ;)

*Spoiler alert* please don't talk about DEEP yet...I'm insanely jealous, I mean happy for all my Gist House of Gab buddies that have have gotten advanced copies and read them already...but some of us have to wait until JUNE unless we win Dee's weekly contest. THREE of my picks for the Oil Company name contest made it to honorable mention, but none won. *sigh*

Please, I your discussions on it until we've all been able to read it and can chat about it over at Dee's? Otherwise I'm going to be the latecomer to the party digging the crumbs out of the chip bowl. (hear the whining and pleading there?)

The Daily "B" said...

Cat - Seriously wouldn't mind getting up for work if he was around.

Jen - Once the Heebie Jeebies (sp?)were out of the way I couldn't stop laughing everytime I looked over and saw this face staring at me.

Katy - I really liked Wedding Bell Blues. I believe the 2nd in the series came out this past week, For Pete's Sake. Sounds good. I really enjoyed Deep.

Becky - Do you think I'm that cruel?? lol I will not mention a single thing about Deep until it comes out in June. Scouts Honor... wait, I wasn't a scout... well My honor. heehee

The Daily "B" said...

Katy - I forgot that From A Distance was headed your way early - LUCKY!!

Shauna said...

*sigh* So many books! My head is spinning trying to keep track of them. I guess I have another to add to my list. And NO that wasn't a complaint!

Now, a dummy head?! LOLOL! That is GREAT! I'd probably be a little creeped out at first, seeing it there on the desk, but yes, naming him was the thing. And it is definitely a "him".

Shauna said...

Oooh, you could call him Mr. Collins. That way you would know that even if he could hear you, he wouldn't understand a thing. LOL!