Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bloggers Block

Have you ever had Bloggers Block? The kind where you sit in front of a blank post and nothing comes to mind. Makes you think you need a life... or a more interesting one.

I'm the Daily B and I suffer from Bloggers Block.

I was surfing the search engines and came across this topic about Bloggers Block. Here is a list of potential topics to tackle.

Types of Blog Posts
• Instructional• Informational• Reviews • Lists • Interviews • Case Studies • Profiles • Link Posts • ‘Problem’ Posts • Contrasting two options• Rant • Inspirational • Research • Collation Posts • Prediction and Review Posts • Critique Posts • Debate • Hypothetical Posts • Memes and Projects

The reason I started blogging was to journal my thought process, I found it interesting. Even if no one else did. Ha!

I personally think I am one of the funniest people I know. I laugh at my own jokes and tend to think, "you are funny, hilarious... too bad no one knows it but you.". Since I found myself so interesting, why not see if anyone else did? That is my story behind this blog and guess what? I still find myself interesting and funny. When I see it typed out, my thoughts that is, it looks unappealing. It's only fun when the thought are running around in my head... Then and only then is it blog material.

Now I need to go get a life.


Jenster said...

You ARE funny and interesting. This post proves it!! :o)

Becky said...

Girl...I was chuckling in complete understanding, because sometimes I find things 'running around' in my brain so funny I'm laughing out loud at them.

But I don't recommend doing this in Starbucks, cuz folks tend to look askance at you. But hey, maybe they'll think I was nuts and have something funny to talk about over the dinner table. I'm a pleaser that way. Always trying t give people something amusing to talk about, either on purpose or by accident, lol.

Julie Lessman said...

DEB SAID: I personally think I am one of the funniest people I know. I laugh at my own jokes and tend to think, "you are funny, hilarious..."

Grin, Deb, this made me laugh, which means you ARE "funny" and "hilarious"! But then we knew that.

As an author, I actually do the same thing with my writing (which I'm betting EVERY author does!). Remember the opening scene from "Romancing the Stone" when Kathleen Turner writes a scene and then starts sobbing, saying "It is sooooo good!"? Grin ... yep, same scenario at my house. I write a scene, then turn and tap my artist husband on the shoulder (we sit at back-to-back computers)and mouth the same words. He grins and shakes his head, then tells me to prove it with sales figures. Sigh.

Have a great weekend, all!

The Daily "B" said...

Jen - I'm glad someones thinks so... besides myself.

Becky - I have done that so many times. Often in the car I will chuckle about something being played out in my head and whoever is in the car with me says, "whats so funny?". Oddly enough my family doesn't question when I say, "Oh, I'm just thinking.".

Julie - LOL! Seriously funny. You have a great weekend too!