Thursday, February 04, 2010


My heart is breaking today. No one died, but I feel like a piece of me is missing.

A big day for the family, my niece who is actually my cousin but since my cousin is like my sister her babies are my niece and nephew... confused?

I saw the baby girl come into the world and was amazed. Not being a mom, seeing the process was magical. A little messy but magical nevertheless.

As I was saying about the broken heart; I missed my sister today. Coming home tonight after the excitement of the day something was missing. And it hit me, she is missing. Obvious? Yes. But I didn't have a chance to really think about it until right now.

I wish you were here Cath. I wish that seeing you was a small drive away and not days worth of driving. I wish you could have been in the room as the baby girl made her entrance. I wish this week was different on so many levels. I wish my big sister was here.

Bittersweet describes today.

PS - Baby photos coming... :)


Becky said...

Witnessing something so emotional and miraculous as a childbirth, it is natural that you would also miss having your sis there to share that amazing experience.

Congratulations on the new arrival, though! It's a girl!

Queen Catherella said...

made me cry.

I wish last week had been different too. It was hard being away from you and missing out on important events like Sophia being born and Sonia's birthday and Mom and Dad's anniversary. Life sure has changed hasn't it? I guess it's time we grew up Peter Pan :) Even though I really really really don't want to! LOL

I love you and thank you for the beautiful post!!

Your Big Sis :)