Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Sofie

I have anticipated this day for months... and when it finally came it was not how I expected it.

Phone rings at 4AM and we jump out of bed to pick up my nephew who has pneumonia to bring him to our house... the baby girl is coming!

My cousin was scheduled to be induced at 7AM on 2/4. The baby girl, who was already a week late, decided she wanted to come a little earlier. So at 3:40AM she woke her mama up and caused a frenzy.

After we got home with the boy, I jumped back in bed to sleep for about an hour and my phone rings again... this time it's my sister. We talked (I dozed on and off) for about 30 minutes and I was able to sleep for the next 30 minutes.

Got up, got dressed and rushed to the hospital. Right before delivery, we found out that they needed a team in the room since she pooped (I'm sure there's a medical term that I just can't think of) and they needed to make sure her lungs were clear when she came out. People begin to pour in...9 total. 9. At one point a guy with a hoodie walked in and loooked at Eileen with her legs spread from north to south and just started chatting with the other nurses and doctors. Eileen asked a nurse, "Who is he??" the nurse had no clue. (come to find out, he was part of the "team").

It wasn't long before this was happening...

She is gorgeous! Beautiful healthy baby girl.

My finger was glued to my camera and I was overwhlemed with looking at her as my niece and snapping pictures as the photographer. I took pictures of everything and was fascniated with the placenta. YES I was. I took a picture with my phone and sent it to my brother... He showed my older brother who is expecting a baby with his wife in August and scared him out of his mind. haha That's what little sister's are for.

The below picture shows a beautiful blanket that I purchased from my friend, Katy who I met in blogland. Her mother is blind and makes the beautiful blankets! She made this pink blanket just for Sofie.
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Becky said...

AWESOME Post! Loooove the photos...the placenta pict message to your bro...the lovely blanket from Katy's mom...

the photography is awesome, Deb. Truly.

I think the word for pooping in utero is Muconium, but I'm not sure about the spelling.

The Daily Bee said...

Haha, yes that's the word I was looking for. Much better than saying "poop". :)

Thank you for the photography comment. Mucho appreciated!

*rowe* said...

wow... such beautiful photos of sophias arrival! how lucky is she to have someone like you in her life... lovely!