Thursday, February 11, 2010

Faithful Servant

Have you ever had one of those moments when you hear something and it just vibrates in your soul?

Only who you are and what you do will you take with you to Eternity ... Vesta Mangun

Something in me just stopped still when I heard this from a powerful woman in our church organization last night.

Think about it... who you are, whether bad or good and what you do, whether for God's kingdom or not will be what you take with you. Everything is rolled up in this.

This is not referring to a position or a status you hold in a church but who you are as a person. Just you and no one else. Just you will stand before God. Just me.

Deep thoughts that make me ache thinking of everything I'm not and I need to be. We can do so much better than what we do, but who's really trying? Something to think about...

...Well done, thou good and faithful servant... Matthew 25:21
I want to hear those words when Eternity collides with my world.

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