Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloom Workshop Giveaway

Okay, so I entered to win Lot #1 on the Bloom Workshop site and I was so eager to enter that I didn't see that you had to do ONE thing in the list of 4 things to enter... I did them all. LOL

That is how bad I want to win this!! I can't even tell you what this would do for me as a photographer. Jesus, please let it happen. Crossing fingers, praying and praying some more. :)

I heard about Bloom from a photographer who I admire. They couldn't say anything but great things about Bloom and I MUST be a part in this workshop (not in this particular lot) and I've been wanting the actions and packs that are in this giveaway.

So If you're a photographer or just like to take pictures, go to the Bloom site and JOIN IN!


And, btw, their site is just yummy to look at. The colors are gorgeous.

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