Monday, March 30, 2009

Bittersweet Thoughts

The last couple of months have been life changing and the months to come will bring even more changes. Good and bad. Bittersweet changes.

My sister, by dearest friend, is leaving on a journey all her own. Far, far away from me and everything she's ever known. She can't wait while we (most of my family and I) hold back the feeling of despair and sadness. Wow, this is a gloomy post. I should have warned you before you got this far. =)

She is the closest person to me and I am the closest person to her. But it won't be like that in a matter of weeks. Someone else will take that place and I could not be happier... yet I can't help but be sad for the changes that life brings.

I'll give more details as time goes on, but for now, things are so busy and there really isn't much to post about. So if I disappear, you know where I went. You can keep up with me on my Twitter updates to the right... whoever invented this deserves an extra piece of cake.

Oh yes, do you like my new format? I wasn't sure about the three columns but it's growing on me...


In other parts of my life...

I'm currently working on:
  • My 300th post (not too exciting lol)
  • Planning a baby shower for this Saturday and I'm so unorganized
  • Fighting the strep virus that I think is knocking on my door

That's my life today.


Becky said...

I can totally understand your feelings, Deb. That will be a huuuge adjustment for you especially having always been so close to her.

However, this event is going to usher in with it some wonderful new vacations to new places to meet up with them...the advent of future nephews and nieces eventually...all kinds of wonderful new things.

Kind of bittersweet now as you adjust to the newness of it all, but you'll find yourself welling up with joy as the wedding gets closer, just knowing your sister is going to be happy and fulfilled in so many ways and that you'll have a new 'brother' as well.

I know it's hard, because at first it feels sort of like you're being 'replaced' in her life by this new love...but you'll see that is not the case. After settling into married life, things will resume that comfortable familiarity you're used to, because love doesn't divide, it multiplies, and your sister has lots of room in her heart for it all. Just give it all time, Deb. You'll'll be great. Just another branch on the ever-growing family tree.

Hugs, Deb! (BTW, LOVE that picture of you two!)

The Daily Bee said...
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The Daily Bee said...

Becky, my friend, you always have the right thing to say.

I just love ya, lady! =)

Thank you.