Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Shmlog

I am not a fickle person. You can ask my family, they will vouch for this. BUT one thing that I am beyond fickle about is my blog design. Just thinking about it makes me tense. What is it that makes me so irritated? I think I change it so much because it's the one thing that I can change and not worry about the opinions of others since I know that my faithful blog buddies will always come back even if the page is changed every.single.week (I'm not that bad, yet).

I stumbled on a site last year and have been obsessed, not stalkerish but obsessed no less, with the designs of this person. Her blog makeovers are sought after by anyone who loves pretty, chic blogs. I want to get a blog makeover so bad, but this is one thing that I can't do! It's that extra money that you need for something else. It's not very expensive but if I'm going to do it I want the best. Maybe I should just settle...

ANYWAY! I am changing my header for the gazillionth time because I can't stand the one that is up (the daffodil one). Back to the fickle issue. I loved it when I made it and days after I couldn't stand it. Fickle.

I said ALL that to say this... If you want to be in a contest for a blog makeover, click the below button and leave a comment for the Design Girl. You will love her designs and maybe one of us will win. **crossing my fingers for me** Okay, you too!

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