Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Expensive being a Teacher

It's that time of the year... School Fundraisers.

I teach the most incredible kids at SCWC. I love them and they know it... The whole "I just can't say no" applies here.
What do you do when you see this smiling up at you with a fundraiser book in one hand and a list of what prizes they will get if they sell the most in the other?

You buy whatever is cheapest... or at least I do. When there are 30 kids, you can't afford to buy what you really want.

This is what I got back over the last year.

Magazine Subscription: I think I read one issue and started handing them off to a family member - BAD CHOICE

Holiday Ribbon Organizer: I think this ended up in the trash - BAD CHOICE

Silicon Cupcake Holders: These are collecting dust on my nightstand... why on the nightstand? I have no idea - BAD CHOICE

Girl Scout Cookies: I got these last night. At church. In front of the youth and kids. These were the one thing that I was looking forward too. Obviously everyone else was too - BEST CHOICE

Let me elaborate on this Cookie Phenomenon.

I opened a box to try, mouth watering and ignoring how much fat they contained. Next thing I know, I have hungry teenage eyes staring and begging with their eyes. "Would you like one?" They didn't have to be asked twice. I turn around and there's a sweet little face staring at me, I say again "Would you like one?". Minutes later the little girl who sold them to me ask "Where'd you get those from?" (Really?) I say, "Would you like one?".

Those little cookies barely made it home. Too bad everyone else didn't have radar for a ribbon organizer and silicon cupcake holders.

That, Ladies & Gents, is the joy of being a Sunday School teacher... If you see me with a sign on the corner you know why.


Becky said...

Oh, I hear ya...all those big earnest eyes looking up at you, expecting you to help them earn those fabulous prizes they heard is almost too much.

Jeff has the same problem at school...only from 6 different classes a day, lol.


Katybug said...

Those FACES!!! OH MY...THOSE PRECIOUS FACES!!! Girl, you're going to be broke because of them! (I'd be in the same boat)