Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Weirdness

Wedding talk has overtaken our vocabulary these past couple of weeks. When you google wedding anything, sometimes you stumble on strange things. Very strange disturbing things.

The strangest wedding party out there... The minister is the one with half red hair.

The cheapest wedding cake

The dead dolphin cake that will make you gag

The cake your 8 year old MUST have ordered for you

The redneck wedding

Dead animal cake

Who makes this stuff?

All I can say is, people have such eclectic taste... and they have to show it in one of the most important days of their lives. Thankfully I have never had a dead carcass cake or had to sit through a camo wedding.
If you want to see really bad and sometimes LOL funny cakes, go here. I love this site.

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Becky said...


At first I was thinking, "Wait a minute...Deb's family has WAY too much class for that!" (the first photo)...

LOL! The redneck cakes crack me up.

LOOOOVE the Cake Wrecks site.