Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wedding Preperations

This morning I woke up and thought that maybe it would be a restful day, but I realized that I was in fact still asleep and was going to wake up to a busy day of wedding planning. Not my wedding but my older brother's.

He is set to wed right after Thanksgiving and we have been on "duty" for weeks. Fittings, menu planning, decor, favors, invites, guest list. The list seems to go on forever. In this family it is not about the Bride and her family planning and the Grooms family attending, it is both families intermingled planning this out.

This morning, less than ten minutes ago, the Bride and Groom decided on a menu after my dad (who is paying for this wedding) agreed to pay some more for the upgraded menus and service. To say the least, they were ecstatic! We all were actually.
So, that is my plan for the day, go to the wedding coordinators and finalize everything. Maybe I can catch a snooze on the way to the boat...
the bee

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