Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Holidays Are Here!

The holiday season is upon us. This week makes you think on the things and people that are in your life. I am thankful for...
  • God - My rock, joy, peace, savior, closest friend

  • Family - I would rather have all of my family than any riches

  • Church - I love my church. God has put me in the most wonderful church

Now more specifically this year I've had certain things to think on. For instance...

  • How short our time is here on this earth

  • How in need I am of my family

  • I have the "two year itch" bug here at my job

  • How busy my life is... too busy

Now, come the end of December, I will be posting my 2007 goals... and one of them for sure will be about how busy I am... But right now I have things to be thankful for, blessings that are easily over looked because my mind is clouded with a to do list.

This week is my brothers wedding, and I already know that my mind will be and is working a hundred miles an hour. But one thing for sure, we will be with family all weekend. It will be a Thanksgiving celebration.

I know I am just rambling but these are truly my thoughts this time of the year. I count myself blessed, especially with all the preperation for this wedding. You see a different side of people and how things pull together. I am bessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

the bee

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