Monday, November 13, 2006

Training Day

Time has flown today. It normally inches but today, it was running a marathon. Now that I say that, it will probably get winded in this last hour of the race. haha.
Today, I was a trainer and trained a trainee. Confused? Me too.

We hired a new receptionist here at my job and I am training her and not to excited about it. haha. Who is excited about going over things that you have past and would like to leave in the past.

I am tired and ready to go home and just surf the net and rest, but I have more wedding preparation to handle. Such as the Bachelorette party. As a bridesmaid I am on the "bach duty", so that's where I will be, shopping for the "girls night out!".

Tomorrow I will again be in the marathon of time and training at the same time.

Man, I should lose like 50 mind pounds for today's excursions!

the bee

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