Thursday, September 03, 2009

Me, Myself and I... sort of.

I had some fun with yearbook yourself today... :)

Soul sista'!

Apparently I would have been athletic in the 1960's.

Can anyone really be this sweet looking? I would have thought this girl was up to something. lol
Who knew I could look like a rockstar!

I look just like my mom in this one!
Play along!


Queen Catherella said...

Okay, the rock star one... you look a LOT like Jessica Alba!! Seriously!

And yes, you look a lot like mom in the last picture! SCARY! LOL WOW... I'm still looking at it... wow... mom's cheeks and eyes and a little bit of her nose...same smile... WOW. Crazy!

I'm soooo gonna do this now!!! FUNNY!!!

Love and miss you my funny little sister!


Becky said...

The 'Fro is HILARIOUS!