Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Jigs

My nephew Cristian has his own taste in music. He's three years old and knows the words to "Poker*Face" and "Apologize". He is adamant about not listening to any other channel but Hip Hop and he knows when Michael Jackson's music comes on... I don't even know the words to the songs he knows... some songs I'd never heard of. Kids now days are growing up WAY too fast!

This was way too cute to not share... haha.

This is one of the songs that my nephew sings and now I know the words too. LOL
MUST watch the kid in the red...

Happy Friday!

- Deb

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Danielle said...

How funny that you posted this. I was going to share the first video and one more of a little girl dancing to beyonce. That song is so catchy.